What to do in Galicia with children. The best plans to enjoy with them

Galicia is one of the communities in Spain that we like the most and that is because they have countless places to visit. Every time you go you can discover something new that the whole family can enjoy.

If you plan to carry out a family vacation to Galicia, here are some ideas that you can especially enjoy with the little ones in the house.

Surely you know many other places in Galicia that you can enjoy with the children, but here we leave you some of the ones that we like the most.

What to do in Galicia with children

The Domus of La Coruña and the Tower of Hercules

The Domus is an interactive museum dedicated to the human being that is located in the city of La Coruña. This museum differs from the others due to its casual character.

In this way, it is a perfect place where the little ones can learn many of the characteristics of the human being thanks to all the interactive activities that can be carried out in it.

A cultural visit where you can truly enjoy learning thanks also to the games it has, such as the neuron game. Nearby are two other places in La Coruña to visit with children, the Tower of Hercules and the Aquarium.

Saint Peter’s Mount

A Coruña - Monte San PedroWithout leaving La Coruña we find the Monte de San Pedro, a privileged place of nature. In this wonderful enclave you can enjoy the views thanks to the panoramic elevator it has, something that the little ones will undoubtedly enjoy.

As if that weren’t enough, you can enjoy a walk in the open air on Mount San Pedro touring ancient canyons with trenches, glimpse its duck ponds and make a stop at the Atlantic Dome.

This Atlantic Dome is a place of great interest, since it is the only covered 360º viewpoint in Spain that also has all kinds of interactive elements and touch screens that will allow you to learn much more about the place.

Know the Fragas do Eume

Galicia - Fragas do Eume - ForestIf Galicia stands out for something, it is because of its nature. For this reason we strongly recommend that you enjoy Fragas do Eume with your family. Fragas do Eume brings together all the essence of Galicia, it is a magical forest that has more than 9,000 natural hectares.

This spectacle of nature keeps a secret inside, the Caaveiro Monastery, one of the most legendary that you can find in Galicia.

In Fragas do Eume you will find a large number of hiking trails for the whole family, so you can find more or less demanding routes depending on what you are looking for.

The impressive Ézaro Waterfall

Costa da Morte - EzaroAnother wonder of nature. The Ézaro Waterfall is one of the most spectacular spots in all of Galicia. It is located on the Costa da Morte and has the honor of being the only waterfall in Europe that flows directly into the sea.

It is the Xallas River that plunges into the sea at a height of 40 meters. If you are lucky enough to be able to visit this waterfall in summer, you should know that it is illuminated by colored lights at night, which makes it an even more recommended spectacle.

The views of the Atlantic Ocean from the Mirador de Ézaro are also spectacular.

Visit the Aquapark in Cerceda

This Aquapark located in Cerceda is the only water park that you can find in Galicia. If time permits, it is a great place to visit as a family where you can enjoy all kinds of water attractions.

From fun water roller coasters and multitrack rapids, to wave pools and donut slides without losing sight of the classic children’s pool where the little ones can take a dip in complete tranquility.

Water parks are usually very well received by children, so in these you will have more than guaranteed entertainment.

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