Discover the Irati Forest, the great natural wonder of Navarra

If you want to go to the jungle, you have it closer than you imagine. However, the Irati Forest is not a jungle like the ones you are imagining, but it is a very interesting place to visit.

The Irati Forest is the second largest beech-fir forest in all of Europe and, furthermore, the best preserved, surpassed only by the Black Forest in Germany.

To get this prestigious award, it has an area of ​​nearly 17,000 hectares and to access them you will have to go to Navarra, exactly on your account in the eastern Pyrenees surrounded by mountains. A practically virgin enclave located in an exceptional place.

What to do in the Irati Forest in each season

The Irati Forest is a natural treasure of great value. Within this, there are several protected species that coexist along the beech and fir trees, adorned with fresh waters. All this flora changes according to the season of the year, so any time during the year is great to enjoy this Jungle.

If you carry out your visit to the Irati Forest during the summer or spring season, it is a great opportunity to enjoy the good weather and go hiking. In the Irati Forest you can do several trails of various levels of difficulty. All of them run through the privileged environment of the jungle itself where, in addition, if you dare, you can take the occasional bath in its waters to recharge energy.

On the other hand, if you visit the Irati Forest in autumn, you can enjoy the numerous mycological outings that take place and discover much more about the world of mushrooms. Likewise, it is also a good time to taste the local cuisine. You will learn to pick mushrooms and fungi on your own and you will also be able to enjoy another of nature’s greatest spectacles, the deer bellowing.

If you decide to visit the Irati Forest in winter and you are lucky that it is snow season, you will have the possibility to practice cross-country skiing and also walk with snowshoes.

How to get to the Irati Forest

If you have found everything you can do in the Irati Forest interesting, you can access it through two main places. Through the western side, you will access from Orbaizeta and if you prefer to do it from its eastern side, you will do it from Ochagavía.

Ochagavía is the most recommended access for those who come for the first time because here you can find the interpretation center, where you can find all the necessary information about the place. It is also a very interesting town to visit.

In short, the Irati Forest is a perfect place to enjoy with the whole family at any time of the year. In addition, with everything it has to offer, you will surely repeat your visit over time since there are a large number of trails to follow and points of interest to visit, all in the best environment.

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