What to see in Olite in 1 day, the best medieval town in Navarra

In Spain we can find interesting medieval towns and Navarra could not be less. One of the best that we can visit is Olite, famous for its Royal Palace, which you will see as you approach the beautiful town and which, although it is its main point of interest, is the appetizer that awaits you when you visit Olite in one day.

Located 40km from Pamplona, ​​the beautiful town of Olite is a must not only for its Royal Palace but also for the medieval air of its streets, its churches, its gastronomy and the special atmosphere that is breathed in Olite.

Here we are going to show you a route to do in Olite in 1 day so you do not miss anything. You will spend most of the time of your visit in its star monument, but one day is enough to get to know it.

What to see in Olite in one day

The Royal Palace of Olite

As we have already mentioned, the Royal Palace of the Kings of Navarra is the main monument to visit in Olite and where we are going to start the visit to the town. If you come by car you can park next to it and start walking.

The Royal Palace of Olite was one of the headquarters of the Court of the Kingdom of Navarra, built between the 13th and 14th centuries, although it was destroyed in a fire during the War of Independence, so it had to be rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century.

In reality, the Royal Palace of Olite is made up of two buildings, the Old Palace, which is currently the Olite National Parador, and the New Palace, whose visit is essential thanks to its rooms and towers that you can climb to have great views of both Olite and its surroundings.

Teobaldos Square


After visiting the Royal Palace and enjoying one of the most impressive Gothic buildings in Navarra, you can walk to the adjoining Plaza de los Teobaldos, where several of the main points of interest to see in Olite in one day are located.

On one side is the Old Palace, which we have already mentioned is currently the Parador Nacional de Olite. Its origins are Roman as a fortress and it was even used by the Visigoths before the Kings of Navarre began to stay there and Carlos III the Noble enlarged it and built the current Royal Palace.

In the same square is also the Wine Museum, a drink closely linked to Navarra, and the Church of Santa María la Real, of which we must highlight its Gothic-style façade and its Renaissance altarpiece. It dates from the 13th century and was used by the Kings of Navarre for their religious celebrations. Without a doubt, an essential visit to visit in Olite.

The Plaza de Carlos III el Noble

Going through a small tunnel we arrive at another of the main squares of Olite, the immense Plaza de Carlos III el Noble, which at one end has the Royal Palace of Olite as its star and at the other the Town Hall building.

It is the nerve center of the town, from where all the streets of the historic center of Olite depart and full of bars and restaurants with the added charm of being able to enjoy great views of the Royal Palace towers from them.

From here, the best thing you can do is start wandering around and discovering the charms of the historic center of this beautiful medieval town, enjoying its architecture and its atmosphere.

The Church of Saint Peter

Walking through the narrow streets of Olite you will end up seeing a tall tower that you will want to go to because you know that there is something special there. It is the bell tower of the Church of San Pedro, another of the main places to visit in Olite in one day.

It is the oldest church in the town. It was built from the twelfth century in Romanesque style, a style that can be seen perfectly in its wonderful portal, giving way to Gothic, a style that we can admire inside and to which its spectacular 54-meter-high bell tower belongs.

Of the Church of San Pedro you should not miss its Romanesque cloister and the Baroque altarpieces inside. An authentic jewel to visit in Olite.

You can find more information about what to see in Olite on the official website of the City Council.

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