The most interesting caves to visit in Navarra

Navarra stands out for offering a large number of activities in the middle of nature, perfect, comfortable and interesting to enjoy with family or friends. One of the most remarkable are its impressive caves ; underground and enigmatic enclaves that harbor great surprises and corners of great beauty, worth visiting.

Some of these caves are truly spectacular and wonders that are on a par with the best natural monuments that we can find on the planet.

Here we offer you a brief description of the best caves to visit in Navarra.

Caves to visit in Navarra

Zugarramurdi Cave

Much of the caves treasure legends and stories, which do nothing more than arouse interest among visitors. The Zugarramurdi Cave is a good example of this, as it is associated with the presence of witches and covens in a unique natural setting in the north of Navarra.

Barely half a kilometer from the urban area, it is one of the most popular and accessible Navarran caves, perfect to visit with children. It has been shaped over time by the Olabidea River, giving rise to a large cavity.

Next to the cave, a visit to the curious Zugarramurdi Witch Museum is recommended.

Cave of Urdax

Very close to the Baztan Valley and the French border, the Urdax limestone cave is another of the most popular caves in Navarra. Thanks to the smugglers’ path, it is possible to connect it with the Zugarramurdi, so that the visit of both can be combined in the same day.

Also known by the name of the Ikaburu caves, it is not exactly large, compared to others in the province. It has an average temperature of fourteen degrees, so it is recommended to be prepared while touring the cave, which runs along the Urtxume stream.

Mendukilo Cave

One of the most beautiful in Navarre in the town of Astitz, Mendukilo sinks into the Sierra de Aralar, forming a path of just over half a kilometer along some walkways that are supported about forty meters above the ground of the cave.

This grotto that was used at the time as a stable and natural refuge, as it has a temperature inside of about ten degrees and some humidity, it is recommended to wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

Its best-known rooms are the “Sala de los Lagos” and “La Morada del Dragon” which are connected by an itinerary designed along floating walkways.

Basaula Cave

With a characteristic circular entrance almost eight meters high, the Basaula cave in the Sierra de Loquiz offers visitors to this Nature Reserve an excellent opportunity to enter one of the most popular and extensive caves in Navarra.

It is famous for having figurative paintings from the Post-Paleolithic period and for its galleries that are distributed on different levels such as ” La Sala de Blas “, one of the best known.

Of a certain complexity, it is ideal for people experienced in speleology who wish to enter a very long cave, which it is recommended to enter very well equipped.

Cave of Arguedas

These peculiar caves stand out for being natural residences excavated over the years as an alternative to traditional dwellings, especially in the 1940s. Originated by the need of that time, today they are abandoned and are an excellent tourist attraction, worthy of being visited.

One of the great advantages of these caves is the ease of digging them into the rock and their stable temperature throughout the year, between eighteen and twenty-two degrees, so they were used not only to live, but also to store crops and herd livestock.

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