What to see in Navarre. The essential places you must visit

It is hard to imagine that in such a small region there are as many things to visit as in Navarra, but the truth is that in this corner of Spain you will find a diversity of wonders so different that you will be able to find destinations for all tastes.

In Navarra we can find fantastic valleys, at the gates of the Pyrenees, but also deserts that will not leave you indifferent. But you also have a great cultural and monumental offer, both in its capital Pamplona and in other smaller cities and towns throughout the entire community.

Here we are going to talk about the main places to see in Navarra, so that you do not miss anything and the essentials that you must visit. You can also read our travel diary through Navarra.

The essential places to see in Navarra

Pamplona, ​​its capital

Known worldwide for the Sanfermines, Pamplona is a city that you should know as much for its buildings, its monuments, its streets and squares as for its gastronomy and its people.

The city of Pamplona is perfect to visit in 1 day since all the points of interest are very close but it is also the perfect city to stay in if you want to visit Navarra due to its geographical location since from it you can quickly reach all its places.

We recommend you walk through its Old Town, visiting the Plaza del Castillo, its bastions, the Cathedral of Pamplona and walk the streets that run through this area, as well as going to other more remote places such as Yamaguchi Park.

Olite and its Royal Palace

Well yes, in Navarra there is also a Royal Palace and it is located in the town of Olite, one of the main places to see in Navarra both for the royal palace itself that we are commenting on and for the rest of the town.

Touring the medieval town of Olite getting to know its squares and streets to later stroll inside the Royal Palace, one of the headquarters of the Court of the Kingdom of Navarre, is a unique opportunity to delve into the history of Navarre.

From Olite, you can also visit other very interesting nearby places on a very special route getting to know Ujué, Tafalla or Marcilla.

The Ribera. Tudela and the Bárdenas Reales

If we go to the south of the community we will find another of the essential places to visit in Navarra. We are talking about La Ribera, a region nestled in the Ebro Valley in which its main town is Tudela.

Visiting Tudela is also an essential experience if you are in Navarra thanks to monuments such as its Cathedral, from the 13th century, as well as many other churches that fill the city, as well as very special squares and streets, among which the Plaza de los Fueros stands out.

Nearby are the Bárdenas Reales, that desert that we told you about above that is also a Biosphere Reserve and that you should visit.

Estella and other towns on the Camino de Santiago

Santiago de Compostela is a long way from Navarra, but this is where the Camino de Santiago begins, the most famous pilgrimage route in the world. And past Pamplona we find a series of towns with an enviable historical and artistic legacy.

Among these towns is Estella, a medieval wonder with different Romanesque jewels, among which the Palace of the Kings of Navarra stands out.

But in this area we also find other very interesting towns, and linked to the Camino de Santiago, such as Puente la Reina or Viana with its beautiful churches and palaces, also highlighting different monasteries and churches that you will find along the way.

The Baztan Valley

In the northern part of Navarra is the Comarca del Baztán, one of the green valleys of the Pyrenees and without a doubt an essential visit if you are traveling through this area.

In the Baztán Valley you will find interesting towns, starting with Elizondo, its main town where you can enjoy walking through its streets and crossing the bridges that cross the Baztán River. A spectacular town.

Another of the essential elements to visit in the Baztán Valley are its caves. There are quite a few but 2 of them are the most important. Those of Urdax, located in the town of the same name where there is also a very interesting monastery, and the Zugarramurdi Caves, famous for the film set there.

The Roncal Valley and the Foz de Lumbier

Another of the great natural wonders that we can visit in Navarra is found along the Esca River valley, with beautiful villages and dreamlike landscapes. We are talking about the Roncal Valley, made up of 7 towns with great history and charm.

The most important town in the valley is the one that gives it its name, Roncal, but others such as Isaba or Burgui are also essential in this valley, at the head of which is the Larra Nature Reserve.

At the other end we find two places of great natural beauty that we must also visit. On the one hand, the Foz de Arbaiun, and on the other the Foz de Lumbier.

Irati and Roncesvalles

We continue in the northern part of Navarra and go to another natural area that cannot leave you indifferent. Without a doubt, a spectacular place that in autumn reaches its maximum splendor with the color of the leaves of its trees. We are talking about the Irati Forest, a simply incredible beech forest.

At the gates of the Selva de Irati is the town of Ochagavía, one of the most beautiful in Navarra and well worth a visit.

On the other side of the Irati Forest we find one of the most charming villages in the community. We are talking about Roncesvalles, the first town in Spain on the Camino de Santiago on the French Way. Nearby, Burguete, another of the towns associated with the road.

The region of Sangüesa. Javier Castle and Leyre Monastery

We completely change the third and go to an area, the Sangüesa region, where what predominates is culture and history, a region where in every corner you will find a treasure that lovers of culture will enjoy.

One of these places is the Leyre Monastery, one of the most important monastic complexes in Spain, built from the 9th century onwards, which was of great importance in the Kingdom of Navarre and in the Reconquest. Without a doubt, a place to admire.

Nearby is the Castillo de Javier, a 10th-century medieval castle where San Francisco Javier, a Jesuit missionary who is the Patron Saint of Navarra, was born and raised. The beautiful medieval town of Sangüesa completes the trio of visits that you must make in this region.

You can find more information on the official Navarra tourism page.

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