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“Contrasts of New York” tour, the most popular in the Big Apple

One of the most well-known excursions in this city and that more people do is “ Contrasts of New York ”. We recommend taking this tour because that way you will get an idea of ​​what the city outside of Manhattan is like.

Here we are going to tell you how our excursion was so it is possible that if you hire it it can change something.

The New York Contrasts Tour takes you through the different neighborhoods of New York emphasizing the people who live in them, checking the different cultures that exist in this cosmopolitan city. You can purchase your New York Contrasts Tour here.

What to see on the New York Contrasts Tour

Harlem and the Bronx

New York-Bronx-Big PointFirst of all, we headed towards the Bronx passing first through Harlem, the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan and famous for its Gospel Masses.

Crossing the bridge that separates Manhattan from the Bronx, we finally reach this neighborhood. The first impression you get of the neighborhood is not so bad.

You see less glamorous people than in Manhattan but nothing to write home about. The first thing we saw was the Yankees ballpark.

There we took some photos and returned to the bus to see the most dangerous area of ​​the Bronx.

We also made stops before the famous graffiti in this neighborhood.

Where we did not stop was in the most dangerous areas where the guide was telling us about the different crimes that had occurred in their stores, schools and streets.

The truth is that here you do see people with aspects that do not invite you to be calm. You can purchase your New York Contrasts Tour here.

The guide told us that many people who are seen with a cane do not really need it and that they use it to carry drugs. Since then, every time we saw someone with a cane, we played a game of guessing if they really needed it.

The exclusive neighborhood of Queens

New York - Unisphere QueensOne of the best tourist activities in New York continues and after the visit to the Bronx we move on to a completely different place.

In less than 10 minutes we were in Queens and in an area of ​​impressive villas that must have cost several thousand dollars.

It is curious that being so close the cultural and economic differences are so great.

The next destination was Flushing Meadows where we made a stop near the tennis courts where the US Open is played and we took some photos next to the Unisphere, a giant sphere that represents the Earth and that is destroyed in the movie Men in Black..

After the stop, the next destination was Roosevelt Avenue, a street full of Latin shops and which is very typical because the subway with elevated tracks circulates right in the center of the street.

Everything here is written in Spanish and it’s hard to believe you’re still in New York. Here they took us to a Colombian bar where we could rest a bit.

After the Latin zone, it touched the Hindu neighborhood, actually a couple of streets where you could see some Hindu but little else.

The ultra-Orthodox Jews of Brooklyn

But there was still one of the most impressive and located areas in Brooklyn.

It was the neighborhood where the most radical Jewish community in the city lives.

It was incredible to see men and women dressed in black, even children, and see the way of life of these Jews.

It is shocking that married women wear wigs because their heads are shaved when they get married, they are also forced to marry, since hair is synonymous with sensuality.

And shocking is that they tell you that to have sex they use a sheet so that the bodies do not touch.

After this experience in a neighborhood where no one smiles, we crossed the Manhattan Bridge to Chinatown where the tour ended.

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