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Discover the “New York on film” excursion. filming locations

On our trip to New York in 2012 we made an excursion that is not very well known but that we recommend to everyone. It was called ” Movie New York ” and it is offered by quite a few tour companies in New York.

It was a thematic excursion about the places in the city where movies had been shot. Well, some movies, because countless movies have been shot in New York and it’s impossible for them to tell you all of them.

Here we are going to tell you how our excursion was, although it is possible that depending on where you hire it it may change. In our case it cost $50 per person although we got it with a 2×1 offer.

Start the tour at the Roosevelt Hotel

supermandailynewsThe departure of the excursion was the Hotel Roosevelt at 9 in the morning. We had been there for 10 minutes before waiting for a bus to pick us up.

The surprise came when the guide appeared and told us that we were the only 2 people who had booked the excursion, so we were going to have a private visit for only $50.

The beginning of the excursion was the same hotel where the movies It Happened in Manhattan, Wall Street or Room 1408 were shot. He began by describing the scenes from the movies where the hotel appeared and we took the pertinent photos that he prepared to take of us.

We left the hotel on our way to the next destination and here came the next surprise: as we were the only two of us, we were going to do the tour… in a limousine!

The surprise is really impressive. And in the limousine, on the way to the different scenarios, they put us on a DVD the different scenes that took place in the places we visited.

From Superman to Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Temptation lives aboveSo we went to the Daily News building where Superman was filmed, to the UN, to the FAO Schwarz store, to the Public Library, Bryant Park, to Grand Central Station, to the Park Avenue Bridge that goes over 42nd Street,

And also to the Plaza Hotel, Tiffany’s, the Waldorf-Astoria hotel, etc. And the same place where Marilyn Monroe got her skirt up in Temptation lives upstairs.

We entered some of them and something that surprised us was the vault that is in the Central Station in the restaurant area and that if a person stands in a column and speaks to the wall, another person in another column can hear him perfectly.

It is something that is not well known among tourists who visit the city, although little by little it is becoming an experience that many people want to live.

Greenwich Village and Magnolia Bakery

New York - ShoppingFrom that area of ​​Manhattan we headed towards Greenwich Village where we first stopped at the Magnolia Bakery on Bleeker Street, which appears in Sex and the City. There we bought a cupcake but if we knew how good it was we would have bought many more!

In this area we also visited Sarah Jessica Parker ‘s house, which is also the house of her character in Sex and the City. From there we went back to Washington Square, where we had been the day before, and saw the house that Will Smith’s character in I Am Legend had in a row of houses known as The Row.

This was the end point of the tour. It would be about 12:30 pm and it had been a dreamy morning visiting the areas where some of our favorite movies were shot and especially thanks to the limousine we had as a means of transport.

Without a doubt, a recommended excursion that is not too well known.

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