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Visitar la Grand Central Terminal de Nueva York

Between 42nd Street and Park Avenue, and very close to the Chrysler Building or Fifth Avenue, Grand Central Terminal has been located since 1913, the most famous train station in New York and which we have seen so many times in the movies.

With no less than 100 years of history and after being renovated in 1998, it is undoubtedly one of the emblematic places in New York that you should not miss.

Its visit is essential for tourists and a must for New Yorkers who move around the city.

History of Grand Central Terminal

New York - Grand Central TerminalBefore the Grand Central Terminal, this place was the Grand Central Depot, a station opened in 1873 and remodeled in 1899, renaming the station as Grand Central Station.

In 1903 it was decided to completely remodel the previous station

Progressive works began due to the need to bury the tracks and electrify them, which culminated in 1913, the year in which the new station was inaugurated with the name of Grand Central Terminal.

Grand Central Terminal grew as rail traffic became very popular until the 1950s when the automobile boom caused New Yorkers to start moving on this new means of transportation and the station lost many commuters.

To prevent its disappearance, a plan was created to modernize the station by building various skyscrapers and shopping centers.

Although initially it was planned to build a building larger than the Empire, the idea was finally abandoned and the Pan Am Building, today called the Metlife Building, was built.

The visit to the Grand Central Terminal

New York - MetlifeEvery day, the Grand Central Terminal in New York is used by 100,000 people so you can get an idea of ​​the number of people who pass through there to join the tourists.

The main part, and the most photographed, of the station is its hall, called Vanderbilt Hall, a huge waiting room where you should not miss its decoration or its ceiling.

As a curiosity, it should be noted that the signs of the zodiac are represented in reverse on the ceiling.

In addition, an area of ​​the blue ceiling remains a dark area. This fact is not due to an error in the restoration but was left that way on purpose to remember what the station was like before.

If you go down to the restaurant area you can visit an area of ​​the station that is little known to tourists, the Gallery of Whispers, where, thanks to the vaulted ceiling, two people located on different distant columns can perfectly speak to each other by whispering.

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