Climb the hill of Mount Petrin, the Viewpoint of Prague

In the Malá Strana neighborhood of Prague we have Mount Petrin, a 138-meter-high hill from which you have wonderful views of the city, being one of the favorite places for Praguers to relax and walk.

In addition, on Mount Petrin there is a 60-meter-high iron tower that reminds us of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, but in miniature.

If you want the best photographs of Prague, be sure to visit this place.

The Petrin Tower

Prague - Views from Mount PetrinThe Petrin Tower itself is 60 meters high.

But considering the 138 meters above the city that the hill rises, the views from the tower could well resemble those from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

To climb the tower you can use the stairs and also the elevators and it is a highly recommended experience.

As is the way to get there by walking through the gardens of Mount Petrin or going up there on the Petrin Funicular.

This tower was built 2 years after the Eiffel Tower and is a pride for the Czechs. So much so that you should never say in front of them that it is a miniature Eiffel Tower because for them it is simply their Tower.

On Mount Petrin we also have a very curious place that, like the Petrin Tower, was built for the Universal Exhibition in Prague in 1891. It is the Labyrinth of Mirrors, a place where children will enjoy the convex mirrors of its interior so if you travel with them it is highly recommended.

You can find more information on the official page of the Petrin Tower.

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