Visit the beautiful Baroque Church of Saint Nicholas in Prague

In Prague there are two churches dedicated to Saint Nicholas, but one of them, the one in Malá Strana stands out above all the churches in Prague. This is a spectacular Baroque church and is considered by many to be the most beautiful in the city with the permission of St. Vitus Cathedral.

In any case, one is the masterpiece of the Baroque and the other of the Gothic.

It is also located in a privileged environment for its architecture and for the atmosphere that its bars and restaurants give it.

The Construction of the Church of San Nicolás

Prague - Church of Saint Nicholas - Dome and TowerThe Church of Saint Nicholas stands on the same spot where there was already a small church dedicated to Saint Wenceslas from 1283.

The construction of this baroque beauty began by order of the Jesuits in the year 1673.

Although it began to be used for worship in 1711, it was not until 1752, almost 80 years after the works began, that they were completed.

The architect who started the work could not see his baroque jewel finished, but thanks to his plans, his son-in-law finished them and today we can admire this marvel.

The Lesser Town Square in Prague

Prague - Lesser Town SquareThe Church is located in the pretty Little Town Square, in Czech Malostranské námestí.

This square has been very important since the Middle Ages when a market was already held there and the main buildings in the square date from then.

The Church of San Nicolás is its main building, but its palaces and the Column of the Holy Trinity, which was built in 1713 to celebrate the end of the plague, also stand out.

From the square we can only see the main façade of the church, which is not the best of it. The immense dome and tower are in the back and are visible from the gardens of Prague Castle.

Visiting the interior of the Church of San Nicolás

Prague - Church of Saint Nicholas - InteriorThe interior is simply amazing.

As soon as you enter the Church of San Nicolás you will be completely fascinated and you will only be able to look to all sides and especially towards the ceiling since there are the best paintings, especially the frescoes of the dome that represent the Holy Trinity.

But the rest of the church is also full of art, from its paintings to its sculptures, passing through the great altar.

Also noteworthy is the organ, which also has a very special history as it was used on some occasions by the great Mozart.

Even after his death a requiem Mass was organized in his memory which was attended by a large crowd as he was a much loved person in Prague.

It is also possible to climb the tower of the Church of San Nicolás from where you have magnificent views, as well as during the climb you can learn a lot about the history of the church and its bells. It measures 65 meters high and as a curiosity to say that during the communist era it was used to guard foreign embassies.

You can find more information on the official page of the Church of San Nicolás.

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