What to see in Prague. The essential things to visit in the capital of Bohemia

There is much to see in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in Central Europe. It is located on the banks of the Vltava River, which separates the city into two parts linked by beautiful bridges such as the Charles Bridge and its old town is a World Heritage Site.

If you are going to visit Prague, here we tell you which are the main places to see as well as its neighborhoods and what you should not miss. To enjoy Prague you can take a free tour of the city with

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The essential places to see in Prague

1. Prague Castle

Prague - CastleThe first essential place to see in Prague is its Castle, possibly its most famous image.

It is the most visited monument in the city and it is not the typical castle that we can visit but a set of unique buildings and spectacular streets. It is the Hradcany District, the place where it all began.

In the Prague Castle is the Cathedral of San Vito, its most imposing building, place of coronation of the Kings of Bohemia and that we must highlight for its high towers and its large rose window.

Prague - Golden AlleyAlso noteworthy is the Old Royal Palace where the spectacular Vladislav Hall is located where weddings, coronations, banquets and other events were held. And don’t miss its gardens, its towers, the Basilica of Saint George and many more places.

And of course, the Callejón del Oro, a street as small as it is pretty with its colorful houses where you can find different shops, formerly for artisans, and today for puppets and souvenirs. The House of Frank Kafka is also located on this street.

As it is a very large enclosure, if you do not want to miss anything, we recommend you take this guided tour of Prague Castle.

2. Old Town Square

Prague - Astronomical Clock - DialOn the other side of the river, in the heart of the Stare Mesto neighborhood, we find the square with the most atmosphere to visit in Prague, the Old Town Square, where we have important points of interest in each of its corners.

The most important building in the Plaza de la Ciudad Vieja is the Old Town Hall, both for the terrace at the top where you have great views and for its great jewel, the Astronomical Clock that gives us every hour in a very peculiar way. with the 12 apostles parading and the figures of Greed, Death, Vanity and the Turk.

Every hour you can see a large crowd admiring this work of art and then visit the Church of Our Lady of Tyn, which towers over the buildings on the north side. In the surrounding streets you can find plenty of shops and restaurants.

3. Church of Our Lady of Tyn

What to see in Prague - Old Town Square - Tyn ChurchThe Church of Our Lady of Tyn is the most famous church in the Stare Mesto Quarter and has stood guard over the Old Town Square for several centuries. Without her, the square would not be the same.

Its name, Tyn, is due to the fact that the church is built among other buildings in very small spaces, unlike the usual one facing squares or open spaces. Tyn, in old Czech means “locked up”.

The interior of the church is almost as spectacular as its exterior. The best views of the church are from the top of the Old Town Hall.

4. Powder Tower

Prague - Powder TowerAmong the curious alleys of the Stare Mesto neighborhood we find an immense tower 65 meters high that you should not miss, as it is one of the essential buildings to see in Prague.

The Powder Tower is a Gothic jewel, something very common in Prague and it was one of the 13 towers that existed in the Middle Ages to protect the city. It is located in the northern part of the neighborhood and it is possible to go upstairs to have another great view of the city.

Very close to the Powder Tower, we recommend visiting the Municipal House, the most important of the city’s Art Nouveau buildings.

5. Clementine

Prague - Clementinum - LibraryIn a city without Prague Castle, the Clementinum would be the largest architectural complex. But you have to settle for second place.

The Clementinum is a complex of historic buildings, the former headquarters of the Jesuit college and the University, of which we must especially highlight its baroque library with thousands of books that are under spectacular frescoes on the ceiling and surrounded by globes.

You should also visit the Astronomical Tower, the Church of San Clemente, the Chapel of Mirrors or the Meridians Room.

6. Charles Bridge

Prague - Towers of the Charles BridgeAt the other end of the neighborhood is the Vltava River. And above it, joining it with the Stare Mesto neighborhood, is the most important bridge to see in Prague of the many there are, the Charles Bridge, the most famous and the most photographed.

The Charles Bridge dates from the 14th century and it is worth noting the 2 towers, one at each end, that watch over the bridge and the 30 statues that can be found along the bridge, including those of Juan de Nepomuceno, patron saint of Bohemia, in the place where it is said that he was thrown into the water by order of the king.

From the bridge you have great views of Prague Castle and it’s a very lively place.

7. Mala Strana and the Church of Saint Nicholas

What to visit in Prague - Lesser Town SquareFinally we talk about the Mala Strana neighborhood, one of those that make up the city. This neighborhood is located at the foot of Prague Castle and is one of the oldest areas of the city and you should visit

Today it stands out for its great atmosphere that is concentrated around the Little Town Square. In it there are some exceptional Renaissance palaces and above all the spectacular Church of San Nicolás, a baroque jewel.

The Church of Saint Nicholas is another essential thing to see in Prague thanks to its amazing baroque interior that will leave you speechless.

8. Mount Petrin

Prague - Views from Mount PetrinAnother of the jewels of Mala Strana is Mount Petrin, a place of recreation for the citizens of Prague and also for many of the visitors who come to the city, although at the moment it is not one of the most visited in the city. Although we recommend it.

On Mount Petrin is the famous Petrin Tower, a 60-meter-high iron construction from which you can also have beautiful views of the city. You can go up by elevator or by stairs.

And to climb Mount Petrin itself you can use the funicular, which will take you quickly and comfortably.

9. Josefov, the Jewish quarter

Prague - Jewish CemeteryIn the Middle Ages, there were two independent Jewish communities in Prague that gradually merged. Until they ended up populating the neighborhood of Josefov, located between Staré Mesto and the Vltava River to the north.

Nowadays it is a pleasure to walk through the Jewish Quarter of Prague and visit its beautiful synagogues, including the Pinkas, the Spanish and the Old-New and especially the Jewish Cemetery. Touring all its synagogues and being amazed at the cemetery is one of the best things to do in Prague.

In this neighborhood you will also find the most exclusive shops of the best designers.

Do not miss anything of the neighborhood with this tour of the Jewish Quarter.

10. Wenceslas Square

Prague - Wenceslas SquareAnother of the neighborhoods to visit in Prague is Nove Mesto, that is, New Town, although its origins date back to 1348. Its main point of interest is Wenceslas Square, where in ancient times one of the three markets on which the city revolved was held. city ​​of Prague.

Wenceslas Square is no less than 625 meters long and 60 wide and is full of shops, restaurants and hotels, making it a very lively square and, of course, with a lot of history.

Of all the buildings that stand out in Wenceslas Square, the most important is the Prague National Museum, located at one of its ends. In front of it we have an equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslas, patron saint of Bohemia and who gives the square its name.

11. National Museum in Prague

Prague - Mucha MuseumThere are many museums to visit in Prague but the one that we must highlight is the National Museum of Prague, the one that presides over Wenceslas Square and the largest of all museums.

And besides, your visit is essential. Not only because of the majesty of the building that houses the museum, but also because of the works of art inside that range from prehistory to the present day in the fields of paleontology, mineralogy, zoology, and other arts and sciences.

In Prague there are also other museums to highlight the Mucha Museum, one of the greatest exponents of Art Nouveau, and the Museum of Communism.

12. Dancing House

Prague - Dancing HouseLast but not least, we must highlight the Dancing House, a modern building on the banks of the river that stands out among so many historic buildings that we can see in Prague.

But the Dancing House is not out of place at all and every day you can find thousands of tourists taking photos in front of it. It also receives the name of Ginger and Bred due to its shape that resembles that of two dancers and was built between 1992 and 1995, the work of the architect Frank Ghery.

You can find more information about what to see in Prague on the official Prague tourism website.

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