What to see in the historic Wenceslas Square in Prague

In one of the most modern areas of Prague and not far from the Old Town Square, we find a huge elongated square that has been an exceptional witness to the most recent historical events that the Czech Republic has experienced.

This is Wenceslas Square, a large square 625 meters long and 60 wide where we can find numerous shops, hotels and a lot of atmosphere.

On the square is also the National Museum of Prague.

What to see in Wenceslas Square

Prague - Wenceslas SquareWenceslas Square was once the site of an important medieval cattle market and today it is still a commercial area, albeit quite different.

The buildings that we can find in it are also quite interesting and different styles are mixed.

Without a doubt, the most spectacular part of the square is located in the area opposite the Old City.

There we can find an imposing neo-Renaissance style building that was built at the end of the 19th century.

This is the building that houses the National Museum of Prague and is one of the most famous images of Prague. Very close, although it is no longer in the square, we can see the Prague Opera and the Prague Central Station, two buildings that are also very representative.

Prague - Wenceslas Square - StatueIn front of the National Museum in Prague we find an equestrian statue of Saint Wenceslas, patron saint of Bohemia and who gives the square its name.

The other end, where the pedestrian zone of the Old City already begins, is usually very lively with street performers and organized activities.

One of the most important shopping streets in the city and one of the busiest, Jindriska, also starts from there.

Without a doubt, strolling through Wenceslas Square and its surroundings is one of the best activities to do in Prague, remembering that the Velvet Revolution began in this square in 1989 after a demonstration against the repression of the Czechoslovak police and that gave rise to the beginning of the end of communism and Czechoslovakia.

How to get to Wenceslas Square

If you are not in the area so that you can get there on foot, the best way to get there is the Metro through the Mustek and Muzeum stations and also on tram lines 3, 9, 14 and 24.

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