The Clementinum and its library, a must-see in Prague

Located in the most monumental area to visit in Prague, and next to the Prague Bridge, the Clementinum is one of those essential visits that you must do in the capital of the Czech Republic.

It is a group of historic buildings in the city that was the headquarters of the Jesuit college and the university, being the second largest architectural complex in Prague after the Castle. It was founded in the 11th century and currently houses the National Library.

You can visit the Clementinum in a guided way, its impressive Library being its main point of interest and the reason why it receives thousands of visitors.

Visit the Clementinum in Prague

Prague - Clementinum - LibraryIf you want to visit the Clementinum, a must if you are visiting Prague, you should know that you have to take a guided tour to get to know it. The problem is that it is only in Czech or English. If you don’t know any of these languages, even if you have difficulty understanding the explanations, at least you will be able to see its wonders with your own eyes.

The guided tour of the Clementinum consists of 3 well-differentiated parts.

The Chapel of Mirrors is the first place you visit in the Clementinum. In it we can find numerous mirrors both on the ceiling and hanging on the walls that accentuate the beauty of its paintings and the 18th century organ that is in it and that was used by none other than Mozart.

The main point of interest of the visit is its Baroque Library, the great jewel of the Clementinum. It dates from 1722 and since then it has practically not changed, so being inside it is transporting yourself to a library from 300 years ago. In it we can admire more than 20,000 books, as well as terrestrial and astronomical globes. You cannot leave Prague without visiting it.

Finally, we visit the Astronomical Tower, used since the 18th century by different scientists for astronomical studies. It is almost 70 meters high and from its top you have wonderful views of Prague.

Going up the tower is the Meridians Room where you can admire two quadrants that were used to study the height of the stars and celestial movements. If you are passionate about astronomy, you will love this visit. 172 stairs await you.

Other points of interest on this guided tour of the Clementinum are the Church of San Clemente or the Sala del Tesoro, as well as its courtyards and its 15 sundials.

You can find more information on the official website of the Clementinum in Prague.

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