Andrassy Avenue in Budapest. World Heritage

Andrassy Avenue and Váci Utca Street are the two main streets in the city of Budapest.

In addition, Andrassy Avenue has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its mansions and Renaissance palaces that we can find especially in the part closest to the city center.

Strolling along Andrassy Avenue from Erzsébet ter, the center, and Heroes’ Square is one of the most interesting things to do in Budapest.

History of Andrassy Avenue

Budapest - Andrassy AvenueThe origins of Andrassy Avenue date back to 1872.

In that year its construction began to unload the parallel street of the traffic that was already beginning to be in Budapest at that time.

It was inaugurated in 1877 and the Renaissance palaces that we can admire on this avenue date from the same period, since they were built at that time and Hungarian aristocrats and bourgeois moved quickly to them.

It should be noted that under the avenue is the second oldest metro line in the world, built to take citizens from the center to the City Park. Both the Metro and Andrassy Avenue were declared World Heritage Sites in 2002.

Touring and admiring Andrassy Avenue

Budapest - OperaBudapest ‘s Andrassy Avenue begins at Erzsébet ter, very close to St. Stephen’s Basilica.

It is in its initial part where we can find most of its Renaissance monuments and palaces.

This first part, which reaches Oktogon, is where we find the most important luxury stores in the city.

If you decide to do your shopping there, try to bring enough money because the prices are prohibitive.

Budapest - Heroes' SquareBefore reaching Oktogon we have the Budapest Opera building, not as luxurious and majestic as the one in Vienna, but a very interesting building that can also be seen on a guided tour.

Before the Opera we have the Post Office Museum and just opposite another of the most interesting palaces on the street, the Drechsler Palace.

As we go down the street, the Renaissance palaces, some of them unfortunately abandoned, give way to residential areas of houses with gardens before beginning another area of ​​mansions where the vast majority of embassies in Budapest are located.

At the end of the street we have the Plaza de los Héroes and the Parque de la Ciudad.

How to get to Andrassy Avenue

The best way to get to Andrassy Avenue is the Metro, thanks to the M1 line that runs under the entire avenue. The stations at its ends are Bajcsy-Zsilinszk and Hősök ter, although you also have other intermediate stops.

You also have several bus lines that run on the surface and at the height of Oktogon you also have the tram with lines 4 and 6.

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