A route through the best castles to visit in Extremadura

The Spanish lands are, without a doubt, among the best in the entire planet when it comes to visiting historic buildings and castles. This is mainly due to the constant wars between Muslims and Christians that were concentrated throughout the peninsula.

Although the conquest and reconquest took place throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula, the most problematic point and, therefore, the one that contains the most history, is the territory of Extremadura.

This area is full of interesting and historic castles with which we will travel through the history of Spain.

The best castles to visit in Extremadura

The Castle of Olivenza

Olivenza - CastleThe first of the castles that we will talk about is the Castle of Olivenza, located in Olivenza, in the province of Badajoz.

The Olivenza Castle is a large Templar fortress, the result of several reforms to a Muslim castle conquered in 1228.

This castle has passed through the possession of Portugal, who built its walls in 1298 and who then handed it over to French hands and who, finally, handed it over to Spanish jurisdiction in 1801.

Today the Castle of Olivenza is in very good condition thanks to its restoration in 1975 after the war of independence and its subsequent abandonment.

The Castle of Fregenal de la Sierra

Fregenal de la Sierra - CastleThe second of the castles is Fregenal de la Sierra, also located in the province of Badajoz and faithful defender of the Seville route.

This castle/fortress appears in the 13th century, entrusted to the Knights Templar and has 7 large towers, of which the most attractive is the so-called Torre del Homenaje.

This castle has passed, throughout its history, through different communities such as Romans, Visigoths, Muslims and finally Templars and Christians. Currently the castle has a bullring inside and a food market.

Attached to the fortress we find the Church of Santa María and the parish house.

Trujillo Castle

Trujillo - CastleThe third of our castles is that of Trujillo, which is possibly one of the most visited daily fortresses in all of Extremadura.

This castle was built between the 9th and 12th centuries and is located in the highest part of the hill of the Head of the Fox.

This castle has several square towers, of which only two defend the main gate.

Currently the castle of Trujillo only preserves 4 doors of the 7 initial ones that it had. This castle protects the entire city behind its walls.

The Guadalupe Monastery

Guadalupe Monastery - FacadeThe last of our castles is the Fortified Monastery of Santa María de Guadalupe.

In the Middle Ages, the peninsula was, like all, a difficult place and the religious were not far from war.

The Gudalupe Monastery, built in 1340, was one of the most important in all of Spain as a study center, an area in which it stood out mainly for its studies on medicine.

This castle is an important place of pilgrimage due to the presence of the well-known Black Madonna, along with its tall towers, silent cloisters, and beautiful paintings by Zurbarán.

Other castles in Extremadura

Coria - CastleExtremadura is a land full of historic castles where you can spend incredible moments reminiscing about the history of the Iberian Peninsula.

A place that you should definitely visit once in your life. In addition to these castles, we can also find other very important ones such as Coria, from the 16th century and with a spectacular Torre del Homenaje

Or Belvís de Monroy, one of the most beautiful in Extremadura without a doubt.

In the province of Badajoz we find others such as Medellín, Alburquerque or Zafra, all spectacular.

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