The 8 best beaches in Cantabria to relax and enjoy

If you want to visit Cantabria and you have read our blog, surely you already have many towns and places in mind that you will want to visit.

The gastronomy and its landscapes are reason enough to want to get to know Cantabria, but there are also a series of beaches that will captivate you.

Here we are going to talk about what we consider the best beaches in Cantabria. There are many more and surely everyone will have their preferences.

List of the best beaches in Cantabria

Langre Beach

Cantabria - Langre BeachIt is possibly the best beach in Cantabria and one that offers the most spectacular views. It is located under a 25-meter cliff that is accessed via stairs.

It is a very quiet beach located in a spectacular setting thanks to the meadows that surround it, although in high season it can be difficult to leave the car in the car park located at the top of the cliff.

It is also a beach with a nudist tradition and also a special place for surf lovers since there are usually quite a lot of waves.

Somo Beach

Cantabria - Somo BeachThis is another beach where surf lovers enjoy the most, as there are usually large waves that create optimal conditions for practicing this sport.

Playa de Somo is a large 4 km stretch of sand located in front of Santander on the other side of the bay. Somo is also a very touristic town with all kinds of accommodation and services.

As a curiosity, we should highlight the possibility of seeing the wreck of the merchant ship « Antartica », which ran aground on this beach in 1959 and is visible when the tide goes out.

Berria Beach

Cantabria - Berria BeachThis spectacular beach that is located in the municipality of Santoña could not be missing from our list.

It is more than 2 km long and is one of the best beaches in Cantabria thanks to its fine sand and its surroundings.

The best thing about this beach is that it is not usually too crowded like others that are much better known, so it is possible to relax and take a pleasant swim in its clean waters.

In addition, it is one of the Cantabrian beaches with a blue flag.

Oyambre Beach

Cantabria - Oyambre BeachThis beautiful beach is located between Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera and is also worth a visit.

It is located in the Oyambre Natural Park so you can imagine that it is in a spectacular environment and that makes it worthy of being one of the most beautiful in Cantabria.

Oyambre Beach is 2 km long and stands out for the dunes that separate it from the Ria de la Rabia.

The best thing about the beach is its state of conservation and also its proximity to two of the most beautiful towns in Cantabria.

The Beach of the Fools

Cantabria - Beach of the LocosThis is one of our favorite beaches. It is located in the town of Suances and was the one that caught us closest to our hotel in Santillana del Mar on the trip we made in 2013.

It is located under a beautiful cliff and is also another perfect beach for surf lovers as there is usually a lot of wind and waves.

It is not a very large beach, approximately 750 meters long, and it owes its name to the fact that in the surroundings there was a psychiatric hospital whose patients went to this beach to take a bath.

Trengandin Beach

Cantabria - Trengandin BeachNoja is one of the most tourist towns in Cantabria for lovers of the sea and the beach, and it is home to the famous Trengandín Beach.

This beach, located next to the Marismas de Santoña, is 3 km long and does not lack any service typical of a first-class beach.

Its fine golden sand makes it one of the favorite beaches for many families and one of the best to see in Cantabria.

Covachos Beach

Cantabria - Covachos BeachYou may not know this beach as it does not usually appear on lists like this, but it is certainly a very beautiful beach that you should visit and admire.

Its size is about 600 meters, but each meter of this beach has a special charm that will captivate you.

To access the beach you have to go down some stairs that bridge the gap with the cliff that surrounds it and much of its charm is due to the waterfall that is on it and the Castro de Covachos, an islet located in front of it and to which it is attached during low tide.

It is located in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Bezama, very close to Santander.

Sardinero Beach

Cantabria - Santander - Sardinero BeachWe wanted to leave the most famous beach in Cantabria for last. It is probably not the most beautiful of all but it is very special because it is located in the same city of Santander. You can do the Ilutravel route to see Santander and thus learn more about the city, you can visit it in one day.

There are actually two beaches, the First Beach and the Second Beach, which when the tide is low are joined to form one.

It is a very crowded beach, especially in summer, and it is worth going through the entire Paseo Marítimo that accompanies it with very beautiful buildings that make Santander an essential city.

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