What to see in Castro Urdiales, Cantabrian jewel of northern Spain

Located in Cantabria, very close to Euskadi, is the town of Castro Urdiales, one of the best places to visit in northern Spain thanks to its old town, its beaches and the landscapes that surround it.

Its monumental area, known as Puebla Vieja, was declared a Historic Artistic Site and has a beauty accentuated by having the sea at its feet.

It was an important port in Roman times and the first town in northern Spain to obtain the category of town.

A walk with the best things to see in Castro Urdiales

1. The Church of Santa Maria de la Asunción

What to see in Castro UrdialesThe most outstanding monument to see in Castro Urdiales is the Church of Santa María, in Gothic style, and built between the 13th and 14th centuries.

It has a basilica floor plan with 3 naves and its interior includes the Lying Christ and the image of the White Virgin.

Subsequently it has undergone various reforms such as the construction of an octagonal chapel that was dedicated to Santa Catalina and is attached to its walls.

Of the Church of Santa María it is also necessary to highlight other sculptures that are found inside and the great luminosity of the interior due to the great height of its central nave. And being by the sea also makes it admired by everyone who approaches.

2. The Castle of Santa Ana and the Old Bridge

Castro Urdiales - LighthouseNext to the famous church is the Castillo de Santa Ana, located on an elevated rocky area, which means that from there unbeatable views of the town, the port and the Cantabrian Sea are obtained.

Although it is not known exactly when it was founded, some writings seem to indicate that it was built in the 12th century. Inside there is also a lighthouse that was built in the mid-19th century.

In front of the beautiful castle, and crossing a beautiful medieval bridge called Puente Viejo, you reach the Church of Santa Ana, which together with the Castle of the same name and the Church of Santa María form a unique ensemble.

3. The Old Town of Castro Urdiales

Castro Urdiales - Town HallWith this you have already known the best things to visit in Castro Urdiales but you still have much more to discover and that will surprise you.

In addition to visiting these monuments, you should take a walk along the Paseo Marítimo and the Port to enjoy the marine atmosphere of Castro Urdiales.

To highlight is the City Hall building and the streets of Puebla Vieja where you can enjoy its bars and restaurants.

Right in front of the Town Hall is the Casa Chelines, another of the beautiful buildings to see in Castro Urdiales.

4. The modernist city

As we walk along the Paseo Marítimo de la Puebla Vieja we will come across other very interesting monuments, such as the Palacio Castillo de Ocharán, in the Greek style, surrounded by beautiful gardens in which the Gothic-style Castle-Observatory is also located.

On that road you will also find residential houses and mansions, among which the Chalet Sotileza or the Chalet de los San Martín stand out. Without a doubt, a very nice walk.

After taking a nice walk through the town of Castro Urdiales having enjoyed its monuments, its atmosphere, its gastronomy and the sea, you can rest and take a swim in Brazomar Beach, where its calm waters will allow you to relax in a place worth visiting.

You can find more information about what to see in Castro Urdiales on its official tourism page.

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