What to see in Noja in 1 day and surroundings. Visit Isla and Ajo

A little over 40 kilometers east of Santander and not too far from Bilbao, we find one of the most touristic towns of Noja, famous for its beautiful beaches and its gastronomy.

And also for having beautiful surroundings with places as beautiful as Santoña and its marshes, the town of Isla o Ajo and its cape.

And in addition to its beaches, Noja also has an interesting old town that you should not miss if you travel to this beautiful area of ​​Cantabria. We recommend you take this guided tour of Noja to get to know this town in the most original way and with which you won’t miss a thing.

The beaches of Noja

What to see in Noja - Cantabria - Playa de RisNoja has two beautiful beaches, which are undoubtedly the best known of the town.

Every summer thousands of tourists flood Noja looking for the quality of some beaches awarded with a blue flag that have nothing to envy to the great beaches of the Mediterranean.

One of these beaches is Trengandín Beach, located in a fantastic enclave and with all the equipment expected of a place of these characteristics.

It is one of the largest in Cantabria and due to its size you won’t find it overwhelmed, so enjoying its 3 km of fine golden sand is a great experience. And also, the beaches of Noja are perfect to enjoy a kayak ride.

The other great beach in Noja is Playa de Ris, also with fine golden sand and rock formations that give it a special charm. It also has all kinds of equipment typical of a blue flag beach.

Other places of interest to see in Noja

Noja - Marques Albaicin PalaceRemember that to get to know the beaches and all the places of interest in Noja, it is best to take this guided tour of Noja, as it is the most complete.

As we have said before, Noja not only has these two fantastic beaches, but also has other beautiful buildings located between interesting streets that we recommend walking through.

Among these buildings is the Palacio de los Marqueses de Albaicín, a beautiful palace from the 16th century, where we can also see some cultural exhibitions.

It can only be visited in summer but its exterior is naturally available throughout the year. Also not to be missed is the Church of San Pedro, famous for its high tower, visible from almost anywhere in Noja.

But this is not the only thing you can visit in Noja as there are also other very interesting mansions and palaces such as the Palacio de los Pinares, the Casona de la Torre or the Casa Palacio de los Velasco, without forgetting the Puente Romano.

What to visit around Noja

Cantabria - IslandIf you travel to Noja, you should also visit its surroundings.

An example of interesting places is Isla, another very touristy town, especially in summer, thanks to its beautiful beaches, such as Playa de la Arena or Playa del Sable, both with blue flags.

But they are not the only beaches you can find. Also on Isla you can admire the Church of San Julián and Santa Basilisa or the Palace of the Counts of Isla-Fernández, both declared Sites of Cultural Interest.

Very close we also have the town of Ajo, a place famous for its inns and restaurants where you can taste the best of Cantabrian cuisine, but above all for its cliffs, from which you can have great views of the Cantabrian coast and the Ría. of Garlic in particular from the surroundings of the Garlic Lighthouse, located next to some meadows where you can enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful views.

And if you like to watch birds, there is nothing better than going to the nearby Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes, where there are two mills that you should not miss, the Molino de las Aves and the Molino de Joyel. In the first of them there is a nature tourism interpretation center.

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