What to see and what to do in San Vicente de la Barquera

San Vicente de la Barquera is one of the most beautiful places that we can find and this time we will mention some of the most interesting places that you can visit during the trip so that you have a complete itinerary so that you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation..

San Vicente de la Barquera is very close to the beautiful towns of Comillas and Santillana del Mar, which we recommend visiting, as well as the Oyambre Natural Park, one of the greatest natural gems in Cantabria.

Here we tell you the main things to see in San Vicente de la Barquera.

What to visit in San Vicente de la Barquera

Cantabria - San Vicente de la BarqueraThe first place we recommend you visit is the Church of Santa María de los Angeles, which dates from the 13th century.

This construction has baroque overtones and is one of the most impressive buildings as it stands at the top of the city and is visible from almost anywhere.

In fact, it is the most typical image of San Vicente de la Barquera.

Another of the very interesting places is the Santuario de la Barquera, one of the oldest temples dating back to the Middle Ages, being one of the first buildings found in plans around the 15th century.

In it, the Virgen de la Barquera is venerated, which has a very interesting story that we recommend you ask in the area as it will really impress you.

Nor should we forget the Palacio del Corro in San Vicente de la Barquera, another of the places you should visit during your trip and which consists of a Renaissance building and was built in the 16th century by Antonio del Corro, an inquisitor.

San Vicente de la Barquera - Castle of the KingThe King’s Castle is another of the most attractive sites for tourists.

It is an old fortress dedicated to the defense of the enclosure and currently has its doors open to the public. In it you can see a presentation of works on the highlights of the history of the city.

The wall of San Vicente de la Barquera is located in the old medieval town and it is a walled fort that protects the old upper citadel.

This construction has been very deteriorated by the passage of time but at present the north part is still preserved.

The Maza bridge is one of the most popular architectural works and is built entirely of stone, it dates from the fifteenth century on a wooden building and that is why it is one of the places that most attract the attention of many travelers. arriving in San Vicente de la Barquera.

The Provost Tower is also a site that we recommend you visit and which consists of a strong tower that guards the door of the Santander barrier and bears that name because it is the seat of the Provost.

To finish we can mention the famous Convent of San Luis, a monastery that was built in the fifteenth century, is still very well preserved and is one of the favorite places for people who like to know about the history and tradition of each of the places. what do you visit

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