What to see in Laredo. One of the 4 fishing villages of Cantabria

In the eastern part of Cantabria, and facing the Cantabrian Sea, we find the beautiful and tourist town of Laredo, one of the 4 fishing villages of Cantabria along with Santander, San Vicente de la Barquera and Castro Urdiales.

It is a visit that is worthwhile if you are traveling through Cantabria and with numerous places of interest that we detail below.

Laredo has been a very important place in the history of Spain and its status as a royal port has left a great legacy that we can admire today.

The most interesting places to see in Laredo

1. La Puebla Vieja and the Church of Santa María de la Asunción

Cantabria - Laredo - Santa Maria Asuncion ChurchLa Puebla Vieja is a historical and artistic complex and this is where you will find the main monuments to visit in Laredo.

This area is made up of 6 streets dating back to the Middle Ages located at the foot of the main point of interest, the Church of Santa María de la Asunción, in Gothic style and which was built in the 13th century with significant later extensions.

Of it we must highlight its baroque altarpiece and different very interesting sculptures and paintings that decorate its different chapels.

2. The 6 streets of Puebla Vieja

Cantabria - Laredo - Puebla ViejaStrolling through these 6 alleys take you to another era. Through them you will walk between beautiful houses built between the 16th and 18th centuries, such as the Casa de Zarauz, the Casa de los Villota and the Casa de los Peregrines, but you have many others from which you can choose your favorite.

This beautiful set is completed by different churches, towers, the 2 gates that are preserved from the wall and an architecture that will surprise you.

3. The Suburb and The Strut

Cantabria - Laredo - House of ZarauzNext to Puebla Vieja is the Arrabal, located in the area of ​​the old port that gave Laredo so much importance.

There we can visit the Plaza de la Constitución, where the Town Hall, the Sancti Spiritus Hospital and the San Francisco Convent are located.

Beyond Puebla Vieja we also find other places of interest to visit in Laredo.

In the so-called Ensanche we find the commercial and administrative area of ​​the population as well as different public buildings. The Plaza de Carlos V is the nerve center of this area. And in Puntal we have the Yacht Club.

4. The Beaches of Laredo

Cantabria - Laredo - BeachesIn Laredo we can find 4 beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a relaxing swim in the Cantabrian Sea.

The main one is Playa de la Salvé, more than 4 km long and the busiest of all. It runs along its promenade between the area of ​​Puebla Viaje and El Puntal and has all kinds of facilities.

Also worth mentioning is Playa El Regatón, a little over 2 km long and located at the mouth of the Río Treto next to the Yacht Club.

This beach is not as crowded as the previous one and we could say that it is the most beautiful of all the beaches in Laredo.

The other two beaches are much smaller and also not very busy. They are Playa del Puntal, which is the separation between the two large beaches, and Playa de la Soledad, a tiny rocky beach only 50 meters long but well worth a visit.

You can find more information about what to see in Laredo on the official tourism website.

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