Enjoy the animals in the Cabárceno Park

The Cabárceno Nature Park is a different kind of zoo.

In this park located in an old iron mine in Cantabria we can enjoy the presence of animals in semi-freedom, as well as different plants to enjoy in its series of botanical routes.

It is located in the town of Cabárceno, about 15 km from Santander, and is one of the main tourist destinations to visit in Cantabria.

What to see in Cabárceno Park

Cantabria - Cabarceno ParkThe Cabárceno Park has about 950 hectares where animals of 100 different species roam freely.

To visit it you have a paved road that you can travel by car, bicycle or on foot.

Of the 3 ways to explore it, the one we recommend is by bicycle, although if you have little time, the car is your best ally. For this, there are several car parks along the route so you can park and enjoy.

In those 20 kilometers you will go through different habitats where antelopes, lions, elephants, tigers, hippos, lynxes, ostriches and many other species are found in large enclosures that provide them with a way of life close to what they would have in full freedom.

Cantabria - Cabárceno Park - GiraffesAs a curiosity, it must be said that the elephant enclosure is as large as the entire Madrid zoo.

For this reason it is also possible that it is difficult for you to see the animals and that on certain occasions you may end up disappointed.

Within the facilities there are all kinds of services, such as picnic areas, recreation areas, viewpoints and even restaurants so you can spend the day with your family and enjoy one of the best places you can find in Europe to enjoy animals.

In addition, there are also shows of birds of prey and marine animals so that you do not miss anything.

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