What to see in the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

It has always been in the shadow of the other two great palaces in Vienna, but the Belvedere Palace is a baroque work of art that you should not miss and that is also complemented by truly spectacular gardens.

It is made up of two palaces, the upper one and the lower one, although the really interesting one is the upper one and inside (both of them) we can see several museums and art collections that you will surely like.

Although they are not like the Hofburg Palace or the Schönbrunn Palace, they are still worth a visit.

Visit the Belvedere Palace in Vienna

Vienna - Belvedere PalaceThe size of the two buildings of the Belvedere Palace are not too big compared to the other two palaces so your visit is shorter.

The main building, the high palace, is the most beautiful and with a much more spectacular façade.

Inside there is no excessive decoration and only the works of art corresponding to the Museum of Baroque Art, the Museum of Medieval Art and the Austrian Gallery are exhibited.

These works are distributed between both buildings. His most important work is The Kiss, by Gustav Klimt.

Vienna - Belvedere Palace - Lower PalaceUnless you want to see these works of art, what we recommend is to visit the palaces from the outside and walk through their gardens, which are really interesting since their interiors do not look like palaces.

The two palaces face each other, leaving the beautiful gardens in the middle, through which Prince Eugene of Savoy would once walk, who had this palace built to establish his summer residence and also for the parties he used to organize.

You can find more information on the official Belvedere Palace website.

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