Visit the Vienna Prater, more than an amusement park

If there is a place in Vienna with a special charm, it is the Prater, which everyone knows for its amusement park and its Ferris wheel, but where we can find very interesting corners among its meadows and groves.

The Vienna Prater was opened to the public in 1766 after being used for decades as a private hunting ground, and in 1895 the Amusement Park, the oldest in the world, was built.

Today it is an essential place to relax in Vienna and rest from an exhausting day of cultural visits.

What to do in the Vienna Prater

Vienna - PraterThe main attraction of this park is the giant Ferris wheel that has been turning since 1897 in this place of leisure.

It is one of the emblems of the city and has a height of no less than 60 meters, so it is possible to have beautiful views of the city from its highest point.

The Ferris wheel has stood the test of time and up to 2 world wars, although in the second it was seriously damaged and had to be rebuilt.

Only 15 of the 30 cabins of the Ferris wheel could be saved, but its charm remained.

Vienna - Prater - Amusement ParkBut the cabins that were not saved today have their utility and that is that they are located in the lower part as an open-air memorial museum.

The Ferris wheel is not, of course, the only attraction in the Prater, but we can also find merry-go-rounds, playgrounds, a children’s train, a flight simulator and roller coasters.

As we have said before, the Prater is much more than an amusement park and that is why we find a beautiful park with many green areas, sports areas, promenades, ponds and even a football stadium, the famous Ernst Happel Stadium, previously known as Stadium Prater, and where Spain won the 2008 European Championship.

You can find more information on the official website of the Vienna Prater.

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