What to see in the Aquarium of La Coruña

Whether you are a lover of the underwater world or not, you have a must visit the Aquarium of La Coruña for everything it offers.

This is because the La Coruña Aquarium has the honor of having been recognized as one of the most important in the world, not only because of its magnitude, but also because of the large number of different species it has.

This aquarium has two well-differentiated areas, its interior area like any normal aquarium and an exterior area where we find several pools inhabited by octopuses and seals.

Knowing the aquarium of La Coruña

Throughout the interior of the aquarium we will find several different rooms. These rooms are designed to address all kinds of audiences, so there will be no shortage of interactive and educational rooms aimed at the little ones, so that, in addition to being able to enjoy the different species of this, they can learn much more about them. For this reason it is a very educational aquarium thanks to the number of interactive rooms it has.

One of the most important rooms in the aquarium is the Sala Maremagnum. This room is a large interactive space that has the particularity of having several activities that are scheduled throughout the year. In this way, it is likely that if you alternate visits throughout the year you will find different activities that you have not seen before.

Within this Maremagnum room we also find differentiated areas where, for example, we can see some of the offspring of the species in this aquarium or a large fish tank where, depending on the time of day, the little ones can interact and touch starfish or feed the fish among other options.

Another of the rooms that particularly attracts attention is the Nautilus Room. Known for its large windows, in this room that houses more than four million liters of water we can find various species of the Atlantic such as bull sharks, sea eagles, turbot or giant octopus and it is one of the most Spectacular around the aquarium. The decoration of the room is a nod to the decoration of Captain Nemo’s own submarine, also giving his name to the room.

In addition to these two rooms, we can also visit others such as the Isabel Castelo Room, which has marine photography exhibitions, the Humboldt Room, which has exhibitions on other seas, or the Botanical Garden, an area where the most characteristic species of the coastline itself are found. Galleo.

To make visiting the aquarium itself much easier, it has cafeteria and restaurant services so you can stop to eat if you need to or better schedule your visit throughout the day. Visiting the aquarium in La Coruña is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get to know the underwater world much better.

You can find more information on the official page of the Coruñeses Scientific Museums.

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