What to see in Tapia de Casariego, a fishing village in western Asturias

Asturias is full of fishing villages that are worth a visit, each one with a special charm. One of the most beautiful, located in the western part about 130km from Oviedo, is Tapia de Casariego, a beauty that will not leave you indifferent.

Tapia de Casariego is also one of the favorite places for surf lovers and with many places to visit thanks to its colorful old town, its fishing port and impressive surroundings that will surprise you.

We tell you the best things to see in Tapia de Casariego, a fishing village that is very beautiful, such as Luarca or Ribadeo, this one already in Galicia.

What to see in Tapia de Casariego

If you go by car, the tour of Tapia de Casariego can start in the car park on Avenida de Galicia, located next to the best beaches in the town, but which we will visit later.

From there we can walk along the same Avenida de Galicia to the Plaza de la Constitución, located about 400 meters away and where we can admire the first monuments to see in Tapia de Casariego such as the Church of San Esteban, neo-Gothic in style and with a stylized very characteristic tower.

Next to it is the Marqués de Casariego Institute, whose fantastic façade is a clear example of the buildings and palaces that you can find in Tapia de Casariego, such as the Hotel School or the Town Hall, three buildings founded by the illustrious Fernando Fernández Casariego. and Rodríguez-Trelles, first Marquis of Casariego.

A few meters away is the Plaza del Mercado, where the Town Hall and the Tourist Office are located, in a building that it shares with the Puerta de Tapia Museum, dedicated to the former inhabitants of the palace houses of Tapia de Casariego with modern technology. and surprisingly.

From there we can enter the Barrio de San Sebastián, made up of narrow alleys that take you through an area full of fishing houses that will remind you of the fishing past and present of a town that has always looked out to sea.

There is the small Chapel of San Sebastián, from where you have beautiful views of the Cantabrian Sea and the rocks against which the waves break.

We recommend going to the Mirador del Faro before descending to the Puerto de Tapia de Casariego, which we can go along until we reach the Monument to the Sailor, a tribute to the men and women who disappeared in the Cantabrian Sea.

The next point of interest is the Mirador Os Cañois, located in an old defensive fort from the time of Carlos III to fight against piracy and from there we can admire both Tapia de Casariego and the Asturian and Lugo coasts as far as the eye can see.

Next to it is one of the main points of interest to see in Tapia de Casariego. We are talking about the Marina Pool, a natural pool overlooking the sea and with a higher water temperature than that of the nearby beaches.

And even these beaches, which we already told you about at the beginning, we will go to later. There are several very beautiful beaches in a row where you can enjoy a wonderful swim in the Bay of Biscay. These are Playa A Ribeiria, Playa das Furadas, Playa del Murallón and Playa de los Campos, the largest of all and the best for surfing.

You can find more information on the official Tapia de Casariego tourism page.

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