What to see in Santander with children. Family plans

Visiting Santander with children is a very interesting experience thanks to the innumerable plans that can be made as a family in this beautiful city.

Santander is a great city and as such, it has a large number of places to visit for the whole family and, of course, for children.

In this article we are going to get to know these places a little better, so if you are going to take a trip to Santander with young children, you should not miss the opportunity to get to know these places.

What to do in Santander with children

Visit the Magdalena Peninsula

Santander - Magdalena PalaceLa Magdalena is an extensive park that is very attractive for the little ones. This is due to the fact that within the Magdalena Peninsula we can find a large number of places to visit, such as the marine park where you can see penguins first-hand.

If you thought that penguins were typical of polo, that is because you have not visited La Magdalena where, in addition to these, you can also find sea lions.

This marine park is not the only thing you will find in La Magdalena, since you can also enjoy the open air museums, playgrounds, even a forest where you can play and enjoy a good picnic.

Forest Park Santander

The Forestal Park Santander is a facility that is in communion with nature where you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities with children. It is worth mentioning that these activities are the safest, to give you an idea, they are continuously visited by schools.

In this case, you can enjoy from climbing trees, to being able to jump on a zip line, an outdoor adventure sheltered by nature.

It is a place not too well known for visitors to Santander that we recommend to visit with children.

Park of the Flames

Located in the vicinity of El Sardinero, the Parque de las Llamas has become the ideal destination for many parents because of how much fun their children have.

We are facing a large venue that stands out for having a large number of play areas where children can play with other children, thanks to all the facilities it has. It is therefore an authentic large-scale playground where many adults also come to practice sports.


If, in addition to wanting to carry out a fun visit, you are interested in a cultural visit, a place that cannot be missed in any visit to Santander with worthy children is the planetarium.

In the Planetarium of Santander you will be able to learn much better about the movement of the stars and observe how the sun and the moon, the planets and their satellites are better… all this while looking at a dome-shaped screen where a projection will reveal some of the secrets of the universe

A visit that always fascinates the little ones and that, in turn, is quite instructive.

Maritime Museum of Cantabria

Finally, a visit to a museum. However, this will be a much more fun museum for the little ones in the house since in the Maritime Museum of Cantabria they will be able to discover all the diversity of fauna that hides under the sea. Again a most instructive visit as well as fun.

One of the best things to do in Santander with children.

Do you know any other place to visit Santander with children?

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