What to see in Liébana. Route by car so as not to miss anything in the Liébana region

Are you traveling to Cantabria and want to know what to see in Liébana? The Liébana region is a spectacular area in the north of Spain where we can find beautiful villages, dreamlike landscapes, pre-Romanesque monuments and an incomparable monastery.

Starting from the area of ​​the Cantabrian coast, we are going to visit a region that will take you through the heart of the Liébana Valley and the best places to visit.

If you don’t have a car, you can also do this excursion in a very original way with the pilgrimage route to the Liébana Monastery.

Route by car with the best things to see in Liébana in 1 day

The Hermida Gorge

What to see in Liebana - Cantabria - Hermida GorgeOn our journey by car from the Cantabrian Coast to the heart of the Liébana region, the first place we will cross will be the Hermida Gorge, a simply spectacular place.

It is a narrow and winding road that runs along the Deva River and that will amaze you thanks to its landscapes and vertical walls that mean that in some places the sunlight does not reach all day.

Without a doubt, an unforgettable welcome from the region.

Church of Santa María de Lebeña, a pre-Romanesque jewel

What to do in LiebanaLocated in the same Desfiladero de la Hermida, we also find a pre-Romanesque church that you should not miss, the Church of Santa María de Lebeña, whose construction dates from the year 925 and whose high bell tower stands out.

Visiting the Church of Santa María de Lebeña will not take you long, but it is a unique experience to do in Cantabria. You do not have to deviate much from the main road and if you can, do not forget to visit its interior as well.

Potes, the best thing to visit in Liébana

Visit Liebana - Potes - Old TownThe town of Potes is the main place to visit in Liébana. It is one of the most beautiful towns in Cantabria and it is undoubtedly an essential visit.

Strolling through the old town of Potes admiring the Torre del Infantado, its mansions and its bridges is a must. And admire all the towers that you find, which are not few, and which give rise to the nickname of Potes, the Villa of the Bridges and the Towers.

And besides, it is a city where gastronomy is lived. We recommend eating here.

Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana

Cantabria - Santo Toribio Liebana MonasteryVery close to Potes, on the way to the Picos de Europa, we find one of the holy places of Christianity and to which many pilgrims go, especially during the Lebaniego Jubilee Year.

In the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liébana we can admire the Lignum Crucis, the largest piece of the cross of Jesus Christ that is preserved, but not before going through the Puerta del Perdón. Nearby is the Cueva Santa, in the same place where Toribio de Liébana retired.

Mogrovejo, an unforgettable town

Cantabria - MogrovejoAt the foot of the Picos de Europa we find a very small village with only a few dozen inhabitants called Mogrovejo. But a town that is worth visiting for its fantastic architecture and its charm.

To get there you have to turn off the road that takes you to Fuente Dé but only a few kilometers. Walking through Mogrovejo will take you very little time but the memory you will have of this little town will last forever.

Fuente Dé, from Liébana to heaven

Cantabria - Source OfAt the end of our journey we finally arrive at Fuente Dé, located at the foot of the Picos de Europa, which can be accessed thanks to its famous cable car.

The cable car overcomes a drop of no less than 753 meters and from the top you can undertake different hiking and mountaineering routes, of different lengths and difficulties, although the simple fact of observing the views from the top is already worth it.

In Fuente Dé you also have a Parador de Turismo, where you can spend the night to do routes the next day through the Picos de Europa or simply have a drink after knowing the best things to see in Liébana.

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