What to see in Budapest in 4 days. Comprehensive tour of the Hungarian city

Do you want to know what to see in Budapest in 4 days? If you are lucky enough to have no less than four days to visit Budapest, you will be able to get to know the most important parts of the city without stress or haste, as it is an ideal duration.

Visiting Budapest in 4 days can be easily done on foot since it is a not too big city, with almost everything very close and without great distances. But if you wish you can also use its fantastic public transport, an experience that is also a tourist visit.

Discover with us the best things to see in 4 days in Budapest. You can also get ideas in our travel diary for Budapest and other cities in Europe. If you have more days, discover what to see in Budapest in 5 days.

What to see in Budapest in 4 days

First day in Budapest

what to see in Budapest in 4 days - ParliamentWe must begin our first day in Budapest in the Parliament, the most famous building in the city and one of the most spectacular parliaments in the world. It can only be visited with a guide, so you must organize your visit before going to place it first thing in the morning and then be able to visit the rest of the city.

In the Parliament, you will be able to see one of its chambers or its spectacular entrance stairs.

After that, you can walk to the Basilica of Saint Stephen, the largest religious temple in Hungary and the best thing to see in Budapest in 4 days. You can climb one of its towers and have excellent views. Don’t worry, because there is an elevator.

visit Budapest in four days - OperaThe next destination is Andrassy Avenue, flanked by spectacular buildings and mansions that make the avenue a World Heritage Site. Do not miss the Dechsler Palace or the Opera, which you can visit, also guided, even in Spanish. Pay attention to the schedules.

At the end of Andrassy Avenue you have Heroes’ Square, which you can reach by Metro, on the second oldest line in the world, a unique experience in itself. In Heroes’ Square, the 7 founding tribes of Hungary are represented, in the so-called Millennium Monument, and two neoclassical buildings, the Palace of Art and the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, which we recommend visiting.

If you have visited all of the above carefully, you will not have time for more, so we will leave the main attractions around the Plaza de los Héroes for the next day.

What to see in Budapest on the second day

Budapest in 4 days - Szechenyi SpaThis second day in Budapest can start where the previous one left off, at Heroes’ Square. And it is there that the City Park begins, the lung of the city through which we recommend strolling quietly admiring it and ending the visit at the Szechenyi Spa, where you can relax and get to know first-hand one of the great attractions of Budapest, its spas.

After leaving the City Park you can take the Metro and head to the city center, specifically Vorosmarty Ter. It is the main square of Budapest and it is where you can find Gerbeaud, the most interesting pastry shop in the city where you can have an exquisite ice cream at a reasonable price.

Vaci Utca starts from there, the main shopping street, which you cannot miss. At the end of this street is the Central Market of Budapest, where you can enjoy the best of Hungarian gastronomy, at a cheap price and like any other local.

4 days in Budapest - Vaci UtcaFrom there you can walk to the Jewish Synagogue, the second largest in the world after Jerusalem and a must-see in Budapest.

The next destination is the Chain Bridge, another of the main monuments to visit in Budapest in 4 days, which would take you to the Buda District, a visit that we will leave for the next day because it will not give you time for more.

Well yes, you can end the day by taking a cruise and enjoying the city from a different point of view.

What to visit in Budapest on the third day

Budapest - Fisherman's Bastion - InteriorOn this third day we finally visit the neighborhood of Buda. It is best to start the visit at the top of the hill which you can reach, for example, by tram or bus, adding a new experience to your visit to Budapest.

In the highest area is the Matthias Church, the coronation place of the ancient Hungarian kings that will surprise you. But what you will like most about this area of ​​the Buda District is the Fisherman’s Bastion, a beautiful viewpoint with a peculiar style from which you can have the best views of the Parliament. If you do this visit at night, you can also see it illuminated.

Very close, so you can get there strolling through this beautiful area, is the Labyrinth of the Buda Castle, where you can enjoy one of the most successful attractions in this city. We recommend it, especially if you go with children, because they will enjoy it a lot.

The Buda Castle, which you have already seen several times from the river or from the other shore, is the next destination. It is home to the Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery, highly recommended visits, both for their collections and for the building in which they are located.

Budapest - Views from Buda CastleNow it’s time to go down the hill. You can do it by the stairs next to the castle, and from where you will have great views of the Chain Bridge, or thanks to the funicular, which will save you time and some stiffness.

Just below is the Rudas Spa, one of the most interesting and which may be your next visit. If not, you can walk along the banks of the Danube River to the Gellert Spa, one of the most famous in the city and also spectacular. Next to it is the Rupestre Church, a different church excavated in the cave that will not leave you indifferent.

If you still have time, you can go to Margaret Island, another of Budapest ‘s parks, the largest, where you will find a zoo, an old convent and even a water park. This park is quite far away so you should still leave it for the next day, the last in Budapest if you have time after the excursion that we are going to propose.

What to do in Budapest on the fourth day

Our last day in Budapest arrives. If you have known how to organize your time, you will have managed to visit all the points of interest that we have told you about above.

In that case, the ideal is to take an excursion outside the city to one of the wonderful nearby places that are found in Hungary. You can do an organized excursion or even rent a car and do it on your own.

The options you have are quite numerous. Here are some of the most interesting:

  • Esztergom, Visegrád and Szentendre. These are 3 of the most beautiful cities on the Danube. They are very close to each other and a few kilometers from the border with Slovakia.Esztergom is the seat of the Hungarian Catholic Church and is home to the country’s largest basilica. Visegrád Castle is the main attraction of this city, while Szentendre is a city full of art.
  • The Gödöllő Palace. This beautiful palace is located just over half an hour from the center of Budapest, so it is an excursion that you can do in a single morning, dedicating the rest of the day to get to know the city more in depth, for example, the Jewish Quarter. This baroque palace was the residence of Sissi and an unforgettable visit.
  • Lake Balaton. It is the largest lake in Central Europe and probably the excursion that most people take from Budapest. It is an hour and a half away and next to it is Balatonfüred, the oldest spa in Hungary. In the surroundings, we highlight Herend, and its porcelain factory, and Tihany, with its Benedictine abbey and the best views of the lake.

On your return to Budapest, you will still have time to make some of the plans that you could not do in the previous 3 days and that we proposed, or even discover new corners of the city.

You can find more information about what to see in Budapest on the Hungary tourism page.

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