What to see in Asturias in 4 days. The most important thing to visit

If you are going to make a quick visit, we will tell you the best things to see in Asturias in 4 days. With this route by car you will be able to get to know the main parts of the region without missing out on the most important things, although you will surely want to return to enjoy its wonders more peacefully.

To visit Asturias in 4 days, we recommend that you establish your base in Oviedo or Gijón since, due to their location in the center of Asturias, travel will be less. Although you can also choose to change your accommodation every day if you prefer and thus avoid the return journey.

Do you have more days to enjoy this region? Well, discover our route to see Asturias in 5 days.

What to see in Asturias in 4 days. route by car

First day of visit in Asturias. Oviedo and Gijon

Walk through Gijon

What to see in Asturias in 4 days - Gijón - San Lorenzo BeachWe are going to dedicate the first day that you are in Asturias to the two main cities, Gijón and Oviedo. Depending on which one you have chosen to stay, you will start with it.

The ideal is to spend a full day in each one, but since we want to see Asturias in 5 days, this is the best.

In Gijón it is essential to visit the Cimadevilla neighborhood and its alleys, admiring the Elogio del Horizonte, before visiting San Lorenzo Beach.

From there we can walk to the other beach and visit the Gijón Aquarium, one of the most interesting places to see in Gijón, especially if you go with children. If you don’t want to complicate yourself too much and you don’t want to miss anything in this city, we recommend you take the Gijón Free Tour that we recommend.

Walk through Oviedo

What to visit in Asturias in 4 days - Oviedo - La RegentaAfter eating you can take the road to Oviedo in about 30 minutes. You can start the visit in the Plaza de la Escandalera, with its beautiful buildings, and which is the gateway to the old town where you can enjoy the Cathedral of Oviedo, the Holy Chamber, the Fontán or the Plaza de la Constitución.

If you have enough time, you can go to Mount Naranco to visit its pre- Romanesque churches. Then we recommend you have dinner in either of the two cities enjoying their wonderful cuisine.

As in Gijón, you can also take a Free tour of Oviedo that will take you to all its corners and with which you will enjoy this beautiful city even more.

Second day in Asturias. The peaks of Europe

what to do in Asturias in four days - Lagos de CovadongaWe are going to dedicate our second of the 4 days to visit Asturias to the Picos de Europa, one of the most beautiful places in Spain.

We begin our visit in Cangas de Onís, an obligatory stop where we can take a quick walk admiring its center and its Roman Bridge, its most famous monument.

From there we can go up to the Covadonga Lakes, in our car if you are at a time when it is allowed or by taking advantage of the free bus service.

From Cangas de Onís you can take this Excursion to the Lakes of Covadonga with which you will get to know this beautiful place and you will not worry about transportation and being able to park.

On the ascent you must visit the Basilica of Covadonga before reaching the Lakes and take a pleasant walk around them.

The next destination is the Cabrales region to visit Arenas de Cabrales and from there reach Poncebos on a simply spectacular route. The Cares Route starts from Poncebos, which will not give you time to do this route that we propose but that you can evaluate on another occasion or by changing one of the days that we propose below.

Third day in Asturias. Western fishing villages

Get to know Asturias in 4 days - Luarca - PuertoWe arrived at the third day of our 4-day route through Asturias. And it’s time to get up early if you want to make the most of it.

Our route will take us to the sea, visiting the fishing villages of western Asturias, starting with Luarca, our first stop.

After taking a walk through Luarca that will leave you speechless thanks to its beauty, you can start your way to another of the essential places to visit in Asturias in 5 days, Cudillero.

Although before arriving we recommend you make a stop at Cape Vidio, from which you have wonderful views of the Bay of Biscay.

Finally in Cudillero you can enjoy what many consider the most beautiful fishing village in Spain. And we agree with those who think so. And surely you too when you visit it.

Fourth day in Asturias. The eastern seafaring peoples of Asturias

Asturias in 4 days - BowlsWe are going to dedicate our last day of the route with the best things to see in Asturias in four days to the main towns on the eastern coast of Asturias, completing the visit with one of the famous beaches in the area.

The first visit may be Lastres to enjoy one of the most beautiful fishing villages, although without reaching the beauty of its nearby Tazones, a small village that will not leave you indifferent. In the area there is also the Jurassic Museum of Asturias, which will not take you long and is an essential visit if you go with children.

Ribadesella and Llanes are the other two fishing villages on the eastern coast that you cannot miss. In addition to visiting the streets of Ribadesella and enjoying them, you can take advantage of and get to know the Tito Bustillo Caves, although remember that you must book in advance.

In Llanes you can also admire an enviable old quarter, with some spectacular mansions as well as the Cubes of Memory, its most famous work of art.

If you have time, take advantage of the visit to take a dip, or simply visit them, at one of the Asturian beaches on the east coast, such as Poo, Barro or Gulpiyuri, one of the most famous. Although if we give you our personal opinion, this last beach is not the best in Asturias.

You can find more information about what to see in Asturias on its official tourism page.

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