What to do in Cordoba with children. Best places to visit

Traveling with children is sometimes complicated, and there are destinations where activities with children are very restricted. But this is not the case of the city of Córdoba, a city that offers a multitude of attractions for family tourism to spend a few days discovering its history, main monuments and its gastronomy.

In any travel guide it is possible to find advice on what places to visit if you travel to Córdoba with children and the city has very good comments in forums and travel blogs by families who have spent a vacation or a weekend getaway there. of week.

So, if you plan a visit with children to the Andalusian city, we show you the best places to visit to spend unforgettable days.

Best places to visit as a family in Córdoba

The Courtyards of Cordoba

The patios of Córdoba are known worldwide for their attractiveness and their very particular appearance. These patios are scattered around old houses and mansions in the city center that their owners are in charge of preparing and caring for so that they look so beautiful.

Its white walls contrast with the green of the plants and the colors of the flowers, creating a visual spectacle. In addition, you also have the possibility of taking a guided tour of the Patios de Córdoba.

In any case, it is best to visit the patios during the Festival de los Patios de Córdoba that takes place every year during the month of May. In this month is when the patios shine in all their splendor because it is spring and all the flowers are in their blooming stage.

They can also be visited the rest of the year, but most can be visited thanks to tickets that allow you to visit several patios at the same time.

Potro Square

One of the drawbacks of traveling with children is the difficulty in finding a place located in a good place where you can eat with them without problems, neither traffic nor crowds.

In Córdoba there are corners such as the Plaza del Potro, with narrow streets where there are bars where you can taste some of the most typical tapas in the city.

The streets that surround the Plaza del Potro are relatively quiet, so it is the ideal place to eat while the children play in narrow streets with a peasant atmosphere and balconies full of flowers. An idyllic scene highly recommended.

Important monuments of the city

Córdoba is a monumental city due to its historical past in which different cultures inhabited the city and left their mark in the form of monuments.

In Córdoba it is possible to visit the well -known Mosque-Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where adults and children will be amazed by its dimensions and architecture.

Other monuments of interest can be the Torre de la Calahorra, next to the Roman Bridge of Córdoba; the Christ of the Lanterns, very popular among the people of Cordoba; or the Viana Palace, of great architectural value.

Stroll through the Jewish quarter

Children are restless and need to run and not stand still for too long in one place. So there is nothing better than strolling as a family through the old Jewish quarter of Córdoba, one of the most emblematic in our country.

The Jewish community in Córdoba was very numerous and the streets of its neighborhood are narrow, with cobbled floors and a charm typical of another time. Strolling through these alleys without cars and with the family can be very interesting. In addition, they are ideal for taking family photos that immortalize the visit to the city forever.

And to finish…Medina Azahara

In addition to the name of a rock group, Medina Azahara is an architectural complex located about 8 kilometers from the center of Córdoba that can be reached both by private vehicle and by bus. This fortress built in the 10th century represents Andalusian architecture in its period of maximum splendor. An ideal place to visit with the family on a sunny day, taking advantage of its proximity to the city.

Have you taken note? Now all that remains is to choose a date on the calendar to plan a family trip to what is, without a doubt, one of the cities with the most history in Spain.

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