What to see in Cordoba in one day. Walk through the city of the Mosque

The main place to see in Córdoba in one day is its Mosque and it is also the most famous monument, but we must not forget its streets, its squares, its patios and its people, more than enough reasons to visit Córdoba.

It is not a very big city and with the main places of interest located very close, so one day is perfect to visit Córdoba.

Córdoba is one of the cities with the most history in Spain and one of the essential visits in our country. To get to know it well, there are many free tours in Córdoba that you can take.

What to see in Cordoba in one day

The Roman Bridge of Cordoba

What to see in Cordoba in one day - Puente RomanoOur one-day visit to Córdoba can begin at the Roman Bridge, a construction that dates back to the 1st century although it has undergone several renovations throughout history.

From the Roman Bridge you have great views of the Mosque of Córdoba, both forming a very special set.

The best thing to see in Córdoba is the Roman Bridge, a construction that dates back to the 1st century although it has undergone renovations throughout history.

At one end of the bridge we find a 13th century building, the Torre de Calahorra, where the Roger Garaudy Museum is located, which illustrates the coexistence of Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures. At the other end, the Tourist Office, in an impressive 16th century building, of which we can highlight its Mudejar cloister and its Gothic-style chapel.

Visit the Mosque of Cordoba

What to visit in Cordoba - MosqueContinuing along Calle Torrijos and leaving aside the Episcopal Palace, built on top of a Visigothic palace, we arrive at the main monument to see in Córdoba in one day.

It is the Mosque-Cathedral that was built between the 8th and 18th centuries and therefore concentrates a great mix of styles. Without a doubt, the main monument to see in Córdoba.

It was a place of worship for the Muslims, now for the Christians and also for the Visigoths, so there are also elements of this style inside.

The spectacular Mosque consists of two areas, the prayer room and the courtyard (or porticoed sahn). Inside this World Heritage monument we find its most famous picture, its forest of 1,300 columns and 365 bicolor arches.

You will be amazed to see them. The choir or the Patio de los Naranjos are other points of interest in this building that the Christians converted into a cathedral, fortunately maintaining the previous Muslim elements. Enter our article dedicated to it if you want to know more about the Mosque of Córdoba.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

What to do in Cordoba - Alcazar of the Christian MonarchsNearby is the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos, a spectacular fortress built in the 13th century, located in a privileged location in the city of Córdoba.

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos was enlarged in later centuries in the Baroque style and in it we can find Roman, Visigothic, Muslim and Christian remains.

It was King Fernando III the Saint, who built the Alcázar after conquering Córdoba in the same place where the Caliphate Palace was located.

During the visit to the Alcázar we can find numerous remains from various eras, a small baroque chapel, the famous Arab Baths and impressive gardens to walk through and relax after a visit as complete as the one we propose.

Next to the Alcázar we can visit the Royal Stables, from the 16th century, where the best horses that are so famous in this part of Spain have been bred.

Walk through the streets and squares of Córdoba

Cordoba - Chapel of San BartolomeAfter visiting the Mosque, the next point is the Plaza del Cardenal Salazar where we find the Chapel of San Bartolomé.

It is a Mudejar architecture building with a beautiful main entrance and an interior that stands out for its tile baseboards and plasterwork.

In this same square we find the Cardenal Salazar Hospital, from the 18th century with an imposing Baroque façade and headquarters of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters.

What to see in Cordoba in one day - Calleja de las FloresThe next destination is Calleja de las Flores. By its name you can already imagine what you are going to find in this beautiful street.

Walking through it is an enchanting experience thanks to the bars on the houses and the numerous pots that decorate their facades. One of the best things to see in Córdoba. Nearby we find a narrow street and a square that for many are the smallest in the world, the Calleja del Pañuelo.

Cordoba - Corredera SquareAnd if we continue strolling through this very special area of ​​Córdoba, we arrive at the Plaza del Potro, which owes its name to the fountain that is in it and that consists of a colt.

In this square is the Julio Romero de Torres Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. In them we can find important paintings and works of art.

The Plaza de la Corredera, from the 17th century, is the next point of interest, the place where there was once a Roman amphitheater. This square was used for executions and as a bullring and now we can enjoy numerous bars and restaurants as well as a curious medieval market in January.

Very close to the Plaza de la Corredera we find the Roman Temple, from the 1st century. It was dedicated to the imperial cult and was part of the Provincial Forum. Not much of it is preserved, just a few columns, but in its day it was a grandiose temple. And if we continue along that same street, we will arrive at one of the most important squares in Córdoba, the Plaza de las Tendillas.

This is how our one-day tour of Córdoba ends. You can find more information about what to see in Córdoba on the city ‘s official tourism website.

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