Visiting the modernist Estación del Norte in Valencia

The North Station of Valencia is located in the center of the city next to the Plaza de Toros and just 200 meters from the town hall. In 1983 it was declared a Site of Cultural Interest.

The style of the building is modernist since it was built in 1917.

The incredible view that can be seen from the outside guarantees a few moments of delight.

History of the Valencia North Station

Valencia - North StationThe origins of the Estación del Norte date back to 1851, when the famous engineers James Beatty and Domingo Cardenal inaugurated the first Estación del Norte near the town hall.

The first building had the characteristic of having a classical style. This old station was put into operation in 1852.

This original building had serious problems, to begin with: the city wall and another even worse, there were sectors that strongly opposed the extension of the railway at that time.

Due to the great success of the station, they had to choose a new area to be able to build a new building with more tracks and more facilities for the trains and thus be able to go to more places.

The building was commissioned by the architect Demetrio Ribes, a young man who had already worked at the Príncipe Pío station. The works began in 1907, but they did not finish until 1917. The Estación del Norte had an extension three times that of the previous one.

What is Valencia North Station like?

Valencia - North Station - LobbyValencia North Station is a busy place, not only for the users of the rail service but also for the beautiful aesthetics that the building itself presents us.

In addition, it is very close to important places in Valencia.

The building has a rectangular floor plan and, as we have already said, the style is clearly modernist.

The facade is inspired by all kinds of agriculture and flowers typical of Valencia and there is also a reference to the coat of arms of the Valencian community.

Valencia - North Station - InteriorThe decoration inside the Estación del Norte is made with glazed ceramics, trencadís and a mosaic by José Mongrell.

In the lobby we will find combinations of wood, glass and marble. Upon entering the building we will see how they have conscientiously decorated all the areas, a typical feature of modernism in not leaving any detail loose and trying to convey art and combine various styles to enhance one in particular.

The lower floor is intended for the public only. On the mezzanine and first floor are the offices. We will find lottery stalls, cafeterias, various shops, information points, vending machines…

One of the most important buildings to visit, whether you need to catch the train or just come to admire the building.

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