A visit to the Palau de la Musica in Valencia

The Palau de la Música recently turned 30 and continues to host numerous concerts and events that are enlarging its history more and more.

At the time it was conceived as a large glazed vault that integrates perfectly with the garden. Nature and music are perfectly united.

If you want to visit the Palau de la Música, here we tell you what to see.

Visiting the Palau de la Música

Exterior of the Palau de la Música

The Palau de la Música is located on the old bed of the Turia. It is one of the flagship buildings of the city of Valencia today. In addition to this, it is one of the main auditoriums in our country.

Erected by García de Paredes, his thought was to integrate the building in the expansion zone of Valencia.

The Ricardo Bofill Studio carried out this integration, the reason for the existence of the enormous stained glass window that surrounds the Orange Trees Hall. The construction can be seen as an extension of the river garden inside the building.

Interior of the Palau de la Música

The auditorium has four rooms named after four famous Valencian musicians:

  • Sala Rodrigo: it is a multipurpose chamber room with a capacity of 420 spectators.
  • Martin i Soler: capacity for 100 people
  • Lucrecia Bori: capacity for 100 people
  • Iturbi ; the star room with capacity for 1800 people and which is where the headquarters of the Valencia City Orchestra is located.

The versatility of the building is great, so it can host many symphonic and chamber concerts, exhibitions, conferences and a large number of events, from theater to opera or dance. Without forgetting that it usually has a large number of congresses annually.

Just over three decades after opening its doors, it is now a landmark building in Valencia and worth seeing.

You can find more information on the official website of the Palau de la Música de Valencia.

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