The most interesting parks and gardens in Valencia

Valencia is one of the Spanish cities with the best quality of life. Having access to the sea and a Mediterranean climate helps, of course, but it is also worth noting the large number of green spaces that exist in the city and where we can enjoy the tranquility and seriousness that this city offers us.

The Turia riverbed is a green lung for the city, but there are more parks where you can walk in peace.

Few cities in Europe have such a favorable climate throughout the year to enjoy green areas, so if you visit Valencia, you will have the opportunity to meet them during your stay.

Valencia enjoys a wide variety of green areas

Valencia - Turia GardensWe begin our walk along the riverbed of the Turia, where there are two parks, the first one is precisely one of the newest and is called Parque de Cabecera, next to the BioParc and the other is Parque del Gulliver, which if you go with children will surely be their Favourite.

An outstanding garden is that of La Glorieta, which is a few minutes from the historic center and where you can also see sculptures of famous Valencian characters in a setting where nature is the protagonist.

Continuing through the most historic area of ​​Valencia and the most attractive from the tourist point of view, in Quart street it is possible to visit the Botanical Garden, belonging to the University of Valencia and thus also take the opportunity to visit the Garden of the Hesperides, so it’s pretty close.

The diversity in the parks is one of the strengths of Valencia

Valencia - Benicalap ParkIf we go to the other side of the Turia River, as long as we cross the Puente del Real, it is possible to visit the Viveros or Jardines del Real, which are among the most beautiful and largest in the city. Here it is possible to enjoy the vegetation, the tranquility and a pond with a multitude of ducks, fish and other species.

We can also take the opportunity to visit the Monforte Gardens, which are adjacent to the Real Gardens and which surprise the visitor due to their clear French inspiration, together with the romanticism of the sculptures they contain. A paradise in the city.

If we take a walk through Blasco Ibáñez we can visit the Jardín de Ayora, where its famous mansion is also located. We continue our route with the Parque del Oeste, which is found if you walk along an avenue as important as that of El Cid.

The Benilacap Park also deserves a mention, especially for the large number of outdoor activities that we can do. Next to the Palacio de Congresos, to finish, we have the Polifilo Garden, which found its inspiration in the literary work of Francesco Coloma.

As you can see, Valencia is not only sea, it is also parks and gardens.

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