A walk with the best things to see in Sagunto in 1 day

Few tourist destinations in the Valencian Community can boast like Sagunto of offering visitors the chance to enjoy a unique tour, full of history, tradition and places of great beauty, in just one day.

Located in the province of Valencia, within the beautiful region of Campo de Murviedro, it is a must-see for anyone who wants to enjoy a medium-sized city, but with a multitude of interesting places to visit and totally recommendable cultural routes, which invite you to discover sites such as its emblematic castle, its Roman theater, or its Jewish quarter, without forgetting its beautiful beach or trying its tasty cuisine.

Here is a summary of the best things to see in Sagunto.

What to visit in Sagunto

The Castle of Sagunto

Valencia - SaguntoAny tour of Sagunto that intends to visit the most recommended corners, necessarily includes its imposing Castle.

An impressive architectural ensemble declared a National Monument in the 1930s, which has numerous religious and public buildings and an extensive walled framework, which dominates the city in the beautiful Sierra Calderona, and which attracts attention from anywhere in the town.

Inside the Castle of Sagunto it is possible to tour its seven squares, which are clear witnesses of the passage of different cultures and peoples through these lands.

Thus, for example, in the Plaza de La Conejera it is possible to approach a curious cistern with a clear Arab imprint, while in the Plaza de Armas you can still elucidate the Roman traces in its old forum and characteristic cistern. Other squares such as San Fernando, Dos de Mayo, Los Estudiantes or La Ciutadela are worth a visit for their beauty.

The roman theater

Another must-see National Monument in Sagunto is its Roman Theater from the year 50 AD; a majestic enclosure nestled next to one of the slopes of the Castle in a truly privileged and studied area.

It is considered one of the most important in the Spanish Levante, and has been relatively better preserved over the years, currently being one of the preferred chambers to celebrate all kinds of events due to its privileged sound.

With an initial capacity of about ten thousand spectators spread over three stands, it was a clear reference of Roman power in the region, which has come down to our days to present itself as an unavoidable stop on any visit organized to Sagunto, becoming after a deep and controversial restoration in a privileged place to visit, admire and enjoy all kinds of live performances.

Other recommended places to visit in Sagunto

This historic Valencian municipality offers its visitors a large number of sites apart from its castle and theater, equally recommended and interesting. Thus, for example, its old town offers a large number of corners where you can get lost, as is the case of its Jewish quarter, an excellent opportunity to discover the architecture, cobbled and narrow streets, as well as the imprint of the Jewish past in the peninsula.

Without leaving its old area, it is also possible to get to know other historical buildings of great beauty near its Plaza Mayor, such as the monumental Church of Santa María, or the Ermita de la Sangre, as well as enter its interesting Historical Museum, where to be able to know more information, details and antiquities about this Levantine city.

To complete a unique day in Sagunto, it is advisable to go to the beautiful and quiet Playa de Almarda, perfect both to rest after a day of visiting, and to practice sports. In addition, to end the tourist day, it is recommended to go to the area of ​​its beautiful port, walk along its promenade and enjoy the tasty cuisine of the area in its nearby restaurants, based on exclusive rice dishes and products from its land and sea of ​​great quality.

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