The best museums in Valencia that we can enjoy

Valencia is the third city in number of inhabitants and in importance in Spain, and has a fairly rich option in terms of museums. We are going to take a walk through the main museums of Valencia.

Special mention deserves the spectacular City of Arts and Sciences, where the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum is located, one of the best science museums in Europe.

The main museums that we can visit in Valencia are the following.

The main museums of Valencia

Valencian Institute of Modern Art (IVAM)

It is one of the best museums to visit in Valencia and is located in the famous and interesting Barrio del Carmen.

The Valencian Institute of Modern Art has permanent exhibitions, such as the Julio González and Pinazo collections, as well as temporary exhibitions that show the evolution of modern art.

We must highlight the Sala de la Muralla, located in the basement and where we can see remains of the old medieval wall that divided the city and that was destroyed after the expansion of Valencia.

Benlliure House-Museum

It is in what used to be the house of the painter José Benlliure Gil, being a sign of interest not only for his work, but also for the possibility of seeing what the houses of the upper bourgeoisie of the time were like. It dates from 1883 and has three heights. Both the property and the collections were donated by the artist’s daughter.

The main building has rooms on the ground floor where we can see works by Sorolla, Rusiñol, Nagy, etc. The mezzanine has a large selection of works by Benlliure and if you go up to the first floor you can see another selection of works by his son, José Benlliure, and the sculptor Mariano Benlliure. The second floor is for temporary exhibitions.

The back of the house has a beautiful Mediterranean-style garden that looks romantic, something that is helped by its decoration with sculptures and tiles. In the background there is a painting pavilion with period furniture, tapestries, instruments and some of his most famous works.

Blasco Ibáñez House-Museum

It is on the Malvarrosa beach where the Valencian writer V icente Blasco Ibañez once had a place. The building is surrounded by a large garden and has the original exterior appearance of the house. On the ground floor for temporary exhibitions, gatherings or conferences.

On the first floor is the permanent collection, donated by the writer ‘s granddaughter. Here we can see all kinds of personal objects, furniture and works by some artists. The second floor is where the library is, a real treasure for specialized researchers.

Municipal Historical Museum

It is located in the Valencia City Hall, in one of the areas that were once part of the Royal House of Education. It was created in 1927 for the custodian of the historical-artistic heritage of the city. The relics that come from what was the old House of the City stand out.

The first one is dedicated to historical planimetry and the next one has an interesting selection of engravings with views of Valencia from the 18th and 19th centuries. In the Sala foral, frescoed by Stolz, you can admire the LlibredelsFurs.

The church of Santa Rosa de Lima, chapel of the Casa de la Enseñanza is the last area of ​​the museum, being decorated by frescoes by José Vergara with frescoes that speak of the life of the saint. There are also pieces of such representativeness as the Pendón de la Conquista, the back of Rey D. Jaime or the Real Senyera de Valencia.

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