The best towns to visit in the province of Valencia

If you want to visit Valencia and make an excursion from there to nearby towns, you have several options that you will surely like and that will not disappoint you.

You will be able to combine beaches and also inland areas with very colorful municipalities, with a lot of history and with many interesting points to visit.

Here we are going to tell you about some of those places that you can visit from Valencia and that you should not miss. There are many more but these are the ones we consider the most important.

The main towns to visit in the province of Valencia

Xátiva, one of the cities with the most history

Valencia - XativaThe beautiful city of Xátiva is located next to the Sierra del Castillo, surrounded by natural areas that you will want to lose yourself in.

It became one of the most important towns in the Kingdom of Valencia, along with Orihuela and Valencia itself. For this reason, it has a great artistic heritage, despite the fact that in 1707 it was burned by the Bourbon troops.

The most important place to see in Xátiva is the Castle, located in the highest part of the city and has an Iberian and Roman origin and is currently a Gothic and Islamic castle.

We can also visit in Xátiva the Collegiate Church, also called La Seo and built on the old mosque, the Almodí, a historic building from the 16th century that is home to the City Museum. In it a portrait of Philip V is preserved, hanging upside down for having ordered the burning of the city.

Requena, the most Castilian city of Valencia

Requena is another city in the interior of the province of Valencia that has historically belonged to the Crown of Castile, which is worth the nickname of “Castilian Valencia”. The city was founded in the 7th century BC, becoming very important at the time of the Romans and later after the Muslim invasion.

After the conquest by the Christians in 1239, the Castilian customs office was established in Requena, acquiring great strategic importance by controlling the incipient trade that went to the interior of the Peninsula from the ports of Valencia.

The main point of interest in Requena is the Barrio de la Villa, the medieval area where the vast majority of monuments to see in the city are concentrated, such as the Fortress, the Church of Santa María or the Church of El Salvador.

Cullera and Gandía, the most important beach destinations in Valencia

Valencia - CulleraIf there are two places that multiply their population in summer thanks to the large number of tourists who are attracted by their beaches and their environment, those are Cullera and Gandía.

These are the best coastal towns in Valencia, which in addition to beautiful beaches also have an important artistic heritage.

Thus, in Cullera, we find a beautiful Castle, with typical Muslim architecture and located on top of the mountain overlooking the city and the sea. It was built by Jaime I the Conqueror and from there you have the best views of the city.

Gandía doubles its population in summer and is one of the coastal cities that attracts the most visitors in the summer. Its fine sand attracts thousands of tourists but it also has an interesting artistic heritage.

Sagunto, the Roman city par excellence

Valencia - SaguntoTo speak of Saguntum is to speak of Roman civilization. Although there was already a settlement in the time of the Iberians, it was the Romans who took Saguntum to the top.

From the time of the Romans we have one of the two great monuments that we can admire in Sagunto, the Roman Theater, from the year 50 and located on a slope of the mountain where the city stands. It is very well preserved and is one of the best Roman theaters that we can visit in Spain and even in Europe.

The other great monument is the Castle of Sagunto, as old as the city and which has seen how the history of the city has passed. Hence, in its architecture there are Iberian, Roman, Visigothic and Arab elements with walls as interesting as each of its patios.

Sagunto is one of those coastal towns in Spain that it is essential to visit.

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