A visit to the Church of Santos Juanes in Valencia

The Church of Santos Juanes is also called San Juan del Mercado. We are before an abbey that is located in front of the famous Lonja de la Seda in Valencia and that in 1947 received the declaration of National Artistic Monument.

It was erected on what was a mosque in 1240, and was originally Gothic in style, although the fires it suffered meant that it had to be rebuilt. The structure we see today dates from the late 17th century and early 18th century.

Now we are going to see the temple in depth, which is well worth a visit.

Visiting the Church of Santos Juanes

The exterior of the Church of Santos Juanes in Valencia

We are in a temple that has four facades. In one of them stands out the Virgin of the Rosary by master Vertéis, in which there is a clock tower escorted by two Santos Juanes and which has a weather vane at the top. The weathervane is called the Pardal de Sant Joan, symbolizing the eagle of the Apocalypse.

The famous Chapel of the Communion was painted by José Vergara, who represented the Exaltation of the Eucharist. Each bell in the church has a name: el Borrego, el Rafelet, el Joanet, el Roc, la María, el Pere and el Joanot.

Inside the church

Its style is undoubtedly baroque, where the oratories are separated by semicircular arches and an ornate dome that has oval-shaped frescoes, in which the life of the Saints Juanes who give the Church its name is represented.

You can also see the images of Verteis with the 12 Tribes of Israel. Also noteworthy are the Palomino frescoes.

As for the main altarpiece, it is divided into two parts and is made of polychrome and gilded wood. You can see the image of the Immaculate and the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul. In the loft it is possible to see the image of Christ on the Cross.

We are, without a doubt, a temple that is worth visiting.

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