Visit the Pedralbes Monastery in Barcelona

The Pedralbes Monastery is another of Barcelona’s Gothic monuments that you should not miss.

It was founded in 1327 by King Jaime II and Elisenda de Montcada to house a congregation of Poor Clare nuns until they were expelled in 1640 during the Reapers’ War.

Queen Elisenda de Montcada moved to live in a palace attached to the Pedralbes Monastery when she became a widow.

Getting to know the Pedralbes Monastery

The Cloister of the Pedralbes Monastery

Barcelona - Pedralbes MonasteryThe Pedralbes Monastery is perfectly preserved. The most interesting part of the Pedralbes Monastery is the Cloister, undoubtedly one of the best in Spain.

It is one of the largest cloisters that exist in its style and has numerous trees and plants that make visiting it a very pleasant experience.

Around this cloister we can see the Day Cells, where the Poor Clare nuns retired for their prayers and moments of recollection.

Also very remarkable is the old Bedroom where there are numerous works of art that the nuns acquired during the centuries in which they were in this monastery.

The Church and the interior of the monastery

Barcelona - Pedralbes Monastery - San Miguel ChapelAnother very interesting point of the Pedralbes Monastery is its Church in which its great Gothic altarpiece and its stained glass windows stand out above all else.

It doesn’t have much decoration and it has a rather austere aspect but it is worth visiting.

But much more interesting is the Chapel of San Miguel, one of the most beautiful parts of the monastery where we can see interesting paintings made in 1346. These paintings depict scenes of the Virgin and the Passion.

Don’t miss the Chapter House and the Sepulcher of Elisenda either, so that your visit is as complete as possible.

You can find more information on the official website of the Pedralbes Monastery.

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