Visit the modernist Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau

Barcelona is the city of modernism as well as being the city of Gaudí. However, not all the modernist monuments in the Catalan capital are by this brilliant architect.

An example of them is the Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau, a modernist jewel designed by Luis Domènech i Montaner, also the author of the Palau de la Música Catalana.

This hospital is actually a set of buildings that began to be built at the beginning of the 20th century, which continues to function as a hospital but can also be visited.

Visit the Hospital of Santa Creu and Sant Pau

How is the Hospital

Barcelona - Hospital Santa Cruz and San PabloThe Hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul consists of 13 buildings.

They were built in a first phase by Domènech i Montaner and by another 6 in a second phase and were carried out by his son.

The idea of ​​the architects was to give the appearance of a cozy modernist town to favor the spirit of the sick.

In this way they were built of red brick and each building was dedicated to a medical specialty.

It is possible to take a guided tour of this architectural complex that can be considered an authentic open-air museum that is practically a must to visit.

What to see in the Hospital de la Santa Creu y Sant Pau

Barcelona - Hospital Santa Cruz and San PabloThe main building, dedicated to the administration, is the most interesting of all.

It is accessed through a staircase and where we can find the library and a beautiful church.

The rest of the buildings are also very interesting. And the most important thing of all is that each one is different from the others, so you won’t get tired of seeing them.

You can visit the exhibition in the hospital about its history and if you take the guided tour they will tell you interesting anecdotes and very curious facts about this spectacular complex.

It is also possible to visit the underground tunnels that were built to connect the different buildings and thus favor the transfer of patients.

When you visit the hospital you will think you are in a separate city because it has gardens and different streets that were built with the idea of ​​having all the necessary services.

It should be noted that the buildings on the right are named after saints and those on the left after saints because they were designed to differentiate between male and female patients. And above all you have to pay attention to one detail, that the buildings are getting bigger and bigger as you move away from the entrance, being those that are at the same height the same size.

We must also remember that this hospital, declared a World Heritage Site, continues to provide service and therefore you must take it into account when visiting it.

You can get more information on the official website of the Hospital de la Santa Cruz y San Pablo.

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