Visit Powerscourt House, the most beautiful gardens in Ireland

About 30km near Dublin is Powerscourt House, a spectacular mansion whose visit is mandatory above all to enjoy its immense gardens, the most beautiful in Ireland and where you will think you are living a dream.

In this same place there was a Norman castle before the construction of the mansion began in 1734.

However, in 1974 it suffered a spectacular fire that destroyed it, so its interior had to be rebuilt. For this reason, inside we can find elements as modern as escalators.

What to see in the gardens of Powerscourt House

Ireland - Powerscourt HouseThe interior of the mansion is not very interesting, since, as we have said, it was rebuilt and modern elements were included.

There we can find various shops and even a restaurant.

The best thing about the mansion is of course the façade, which must be admired from all four sides.

Its beauty is also accentuated by being before the best gardens you can visit in Ireland, located on different levels that make the views from the mansion to them great.

Ireland - Powerscourt House - Triton FountainFrom there we have a beautiful view of the Triton Lake, surrounded by the beautiful Italian Garden, at different levels that you can reach through monumental stairs.

In the middle of the Triton Lake there is a fountain that reminds us of the one found in Piazza Barberini in Rome, and it is based on it.

Nearby are the Japanese Gardens, a very romantic area of ​​this area whose maximum splendor is obtained in spring when all the azaleas bloom.

There are a series of bridges that cross various streams and there is even a Pagoda and despite its name, these gardens are also dedicated to China.

Ireland - Powerscourt House - MansionThe most picturesque place in the Gardens of Powerscourt House is undoubtedly the Pet Cemetery where some of the animals that the family that owned the mansion had are buried.

We can see several tombstones with the name of the pets and some phrases dedicated to them.

To return to the mansion, we recommend doing it along the sides, which leave the Italian Gardens inside. One of the sides is the Walled Gardens, where you can enjoy a great color thanks to its flowers.

The other is Tower Valley, with large trees and where there is a tower whose top you can climb.

All these gardens are decorated with various statues, replicas of others that exist in Europe and that the owners had sculpted after meeting them on their travels through Europe.

Ireland’s tallest waterfall, Powerscourt Waterfall

ireland-powerscourt-waterfallVery close to Powerscourt House there is a 121-meter waterfall, which is worth it to be the highest in Ireland, and you should not miss it either.

It is one of the most beautiful places on the island, not only because of the waterfall itself, but also because of the forests that surround it and that you can enjoy while you get to it.

In addition, it is a very special place to enjoy with the family and to relax.

Many Dubliners come here to escape the noise of the capital and it is a must stop before continuing on to Glendalough or Wicklow Gap.

You can find more information on the official Powerscourt House and Waterfall page.

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