Dublin’s Old Town Hall. How to visit

Very close to Dublin Castle we have a monument that we must visit thanks to its Georgian architecture and all the history of the city that is hidden within its walls.

It has had different uses throughout history, and is no longer the seat of Dublin City Council, but today we can visit its interior and enjoy it.

And we should not only stay in its beautiful facade and its columns. You also have to access its interior and not stop admiring it.

What to see in Dublin’s Old Town Hall

dublin-city-hallAlthough it does not belong to the Castle itself, next to its walls is another of the places in Dublin that are worth a visit.

It is located on Dame Street and is one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the city.

It was initially home to the Chamber of Commerce when it was built in the late 18th century and from 1851 to 1995 it was Dublin’s City Hall.

In that year, the council offices moved to another, more modern building, but the plenary sessions of the Municipal Council continue to be held in this spectacular building.

The most interesting thing to see at City Hall, apart from its spectacular neoclassical façade, is the Rotunda, where 12 circular columns support a large dome, under which you can admire various 18th-century statues.

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