The São Bento Station, an essential place to visit in Porto

Train stations always have a great charm, either because of their architecture or because of the history that their platforms and halls have experienced. But the São Bento Station in Porto is a very special railway station that you should not miss. If you have arrived by train at this Porto station, it will be the first thing you see. And if not, you have to go to her.

The San Bento Station dates back to 1916, although the first train to this place arrived at the end of the 19th century. The building is an authentic architectural jewel located in the heart of Porto that you should not miss.

Visiting the São Bento Station in Porto is a must experience in this city. And here we are going to tell you why.

What to see in Porto’s São Bento Station

The outside of the station

Porto - San Bento StationThe São Bento Station is very close to Plaza de la Libertad and Aliados Avenue, also a few meters from the Porto Cathedral, so you will see it perfectly while you get to know the city center.

The exterior of the building, of French influence so it will remind you of the old stations in France, will catch your attention thanks to its facade and the clocks that crown its towers, as in almost any old railway station you may know.

But the great jewel of the San Bento Station is inside. And you will not have to look for it much since you will find it as soon as you cross its doors in the form of tiles, the typical Portuguese tiles.

The main hall

Porto - San Bento Station - InteriorThe walls of the main hall of the São Bento Station are covered with striking white and blue tiles in which the main events that have occurred in the history of Portugal are represented. If you know this history you will love to visit this hall. If you don’t know her, too, because her beauty will dazzle you.

In any case, we recommend that you read something about the history of Portugal to better understand the representations that you are going to see.

Porto - San Bento Station - InteriorAmong what you will find on its walls, in its 20,000 tiles, are the Battle of Valdévez, the entry of King Juan I in Porto or the Conquest of Ceuta in 1415. There is also a space dedicated to the development of transport in Portugal.

In addition to directing your eyes to the walls, you should also look at the white ceiling and admire its reliefs.

The visit to the San Bento Station, which was built on an old convent, is therefore a unique experience and also a must if you want to travel by train to other nearby towns or arrive in this city by that means of transport.

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