How to visit the Porto Stock Exchange Palace

The Stock Exchange Palace is one of the most important buildings to see in Porto. It is without a doubt, essential thanks to a truly spectacular interior although the exterior of the building is also very interesting.

It dates from the mid-19th century and was built to be the headquarters of the Porto Commercial Association on the ruins of a Franciscan convent. Today it is a World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful monuments in Portugal.

If you want to visit the Palacio de la Bolsa, we tell you how to do it and what to see in it.

What to see in the Porto Stock Exchange Palace

The exterior of the Porto Stock Exchange

Porto - Stock Exchange PalaceVisiting the Stock Exchange Palace is an essential activity in Porto. Its neoclassical exterior can be admired from the beautiful Dom Enrique Infant Garden, which is located in front of its main façade and where the Ferreira Borges Market is also located. Under the garden there is a huge car park that can be very useful if you go to Porto by car.

But the best thing about the Palacio de la Bolsa is inside, which you can access by going up some stairs that take you to the main entrance under its characteristic tower.

The interior of the Porto Bosa

Porto - Bolsa Palace - Arab RoomInside, the first thing you will find is the Patio de las Naciones, the central courtyard of the building that stands out for its glass roof that gives it a special light. If you look up you can see 27 coats of arms of countries that had trade links with Portugal, including Spain.

From there you have to go up the granite and marble staircase that takes you to the second floor, where the great jewel of the building is located, the Arab Room, an impressive Moorish-style room based on the Alhambra in Granada that will leave you speechless. The official receptions that take place in this building are held here.

Porto - Stock Exchange Palace - National Assembly HallBut the spectacular Arab Room is not the only room you can visit in the Porto Stock Exchange Palace. The Presidential Room, where you can see the portraits of all the presidents of the institution, the National Assembly Room, where the members of the chamber meet, the Golden Room or the Court Room are other places that you should not miss.

Nor should you forget to visit its great Library, the Portrait Room, or Gustave Eiffel’s cabinet that was used by the French architect during his stay in the city.

The guided tour of the Porto Stock Exchange Palace

Porto - Bolsa Palace - Nations CourtyardIn any case, you will get to know all this on a guided tour, the only way to visit the building so you will not miss a thing.

The curiosity of this guided tour is that it is done in the language of the first person who reserves it. That is, there are several visits a day at different times. Well, the first to arrive and book the guided tour at a certain time determines the language in which it will be held.

In this way, when you arrive at the box office you will see a schedule with all those available and the language. What you have to do is sign up for the one in your language or take one of the free ones and be the one to decide. That is why it is important to go early because it may be the case that the language you want is several hours later or is no longer available.

The languages ​​in which this guided tour can be taken are English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and it lasts approximately 45 minutes.

You can find more information to visit the Palacio de la Bolsa on its official website.

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