Visit the Libería Lello and Irmão de Porto, the most beautiful in the world

The most beautiful in the world, that is the opinion of many of those who have visited it. And it is that the Lello e Irmão Bookstore in Porto is a place with a special charm that makes it receive numerous visitors every day attracted by its great beauty.

It is located on Rua das Carmelitas, very close to the most visited monument in Porto, the Clérigos Tower, so combining both visits is very common in the city.

Also, if you are a big fan of the Harry Potter books, this bookstore should not be missed.

What to see in the Lello e Irmão Bookstore

It is curious that a bookstore is one of the most emblematic and visited places in a city, but it is. And is not for less. After crossing its door you will be in front of a unique place that will captivate you and from which you will not want to leave.

The bookstore is very reminiscent of the Harry Potter universe thanks to its beautiful staircase and the shelves where the books are located. And this resemblance is not accidental, since the writer JKRowling lived in Porto for a while and went to this bookstore to get inspired to write her books.

And the beautiful architecture inside the bookstore was captured in the saga of the young magician.

Porto - Lello and Irmao BookstoreThe building in which the bookstore is located was built between 1904 and 1906 and since its inauguration it caused a great impact on Porto’s society, not only because of its neo- Gothic façade, already beautiful in itself, but also because of its beautiful interior.

And it is that its interior is what gets almost all the praise both for its ceiling, its walls, the charm of its shelves and its books, the stained glass ceiling, and especially for its original staircase that takes you to the second floor..

Such is the influx that the Lello e Irmão Bookstore receives, that you have to get a ticket to visit it. This is done on the opposite sidewalk in a kiosk and with it, too many crowds are avoided in the bookstore and it also contributes to its maintenance.

The good news is that if you buy a book, they discount the price of admission. Don’t worry, they also have books in Spanish and many in English in case you don’t know Portuguese. It must be said that since these tickets have been charged, book sales have tripled.

You can find more information on the official website of the Lello e Irmão Bookstore.

Note: The first photo is from wikipedia.org since there were many people during our visit and we cannot put it to preserve the privacy of the people who appear in the photo

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