Places to see in Asturias in 3 days. Different alternatives

Trying to get to know everything there is to see in Asturias in 3 days is practically impossible because the offer is infinite and we would need many more days to get to know every corner that this beautiful region of northern Spain hides.

But if you only have three days, here we are going to give you some travel suggestions so that you do not miss anything of the most important things you can visit in Asturias. First of all, with so little time, you must choose between visiting the eastern or western part of Asturias and from there, start enjoying it.

What to see in Asturias on your first day of travel

Of course it all depends on where you have your accommodation. If you decide to do it in a city to have all the comforts it can offer you, we recommend Oviedo, but you can also do it in a coastal town or in an inland town. In any case, we recommend that you stay as focused as possible on the route you are going to take.

What to see if you visit the eastern part of Asturias

What to visit in Asturias in 3 days - Lakes of CovadongaIf you decide to visit the eastern part, the trip can begin in Cangas de Onís, cradle of the Reconquest, and enjoy its Roman Bridge (although it does not date from Roman times), the different churches and stroll through its streets, before decide to start ascending to the Lakes of Covadonga and enjoy one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula.

During the ascent or descent do not forget to visit the Sanctuary of Covadonga, formed by the Basilica and the Holy Cave, where, according to tradition, Don Pelayo hid to fight against the Muslims.

Ballasts - PortAfter returning to Cangas de Onís and heading towards Arriondas, where the famous Descent of the Sella departs from, we will drive again along the mountainous roads that take you to the Mirador del Fito, an exceptional place where you can admire with a single glance the majesty of the Picos de Europa with the immensity of the Cantabrian Sea.

Going down again towards the sea, we will end up in Lastres, famous for its white houses and its staircases that make each of them look out over the sea with the port dominating the horizon. Probably this is where the tour should end due to lack of time, but if you still have more you can go to Tazones, a very pretty little fishing village that you should not miss.

What to visit if you visit the western part of Asturias

CudilleroIf, on the other hand, you decide to visit the western part of Asturias, you can start your tour in Avilés and enjoy an enviable historic center full of palaces and churches that you will not be able to stop admiring. It is also a city full of museums and outdoor sculptures that will surely not leave you indifferent.

Our tour can continue along the coast towards the west until we find one of the greatest jewels of the region, the best thing to see in Asturias, the town of Cudillero, famous for the so-called Amphitheater, the typical colored houses of this town that open towards the Plaza de la Marina in a staggered manner. In Cudillero you can enjoy its architecture and also the great gastronomy of Asturias.

Luarca - PortWe continue our journey along the coast and arrive at another of the Asturian wonders, Luarca, the Villa Blanca of the Costa Verde. It is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in Spain and you will surely enjoy it like no other if you visit it.

This day’s tour can end in other coastal towns such as Navia or Tapia de Casariego without ever stopping looking towards the sea and enjoying the Asturian coasts.

What to visit in Asturias during your second day

Gijon - CimadevillaThe route of this second day in Asturias is going to be common whether you decide on the eastern part or the western part and we are going to dedicate it to visiting the two main cities of Asturias, which fortunately are located very close to the center geography of the region.

The first of the cities that we can visit is Gijón, starting with the Cimadevilla neighborhood, the fishermen’s neighborhood and the most historic with all its charms such as the Plaza Mayor or the Elogio del Horizonte sculpture. After visiting Cimadevilla you can go to the Jovellanos Theatre, the Gijón Aquarium or one of its interesting beaches, among which San Lorenzo Beach stands out, one of the most beautiful beaches in Asturias.

Oviedo - The RegentAfter the visit to Gijón we will go to Oviedo to begin our visit in the Cathedral of Oviedo and the interesting Holy Chamber, located in the heart of the Old Town of the city. Walking through this neighbourhood, admiring its town hall, churches, palaces and narrow streets, we will arrive at the Campoamor Theatre, famous for being the place where the Princess of Asturias Awards are presented.

Before leaving the city of La Regenta, you have to go to Naranco and visit its two pre- Romanesque churches, Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo. And also from there you have great views of the city.

What to do in Asturias on the third day

What to see if you visit the eastern part of Asturias

RibadesellaThe last day, if you visit the eastern part, we will dedicate it to visiting other fishing villages as interesting as the ones we visited on the first day or like the ones we could admire if we visited the western part.

The first city that we will visit will be Ribadesella, with its Old Town and also its beaches. Going through Ribadesella, the final stage of the Sella River, is a unique experience that can end by visiting the Cueva de Tito Bustillo, one of the best caves in northern Spain with important cave paintings.

The trip will continue to neighboring Llanes, another of the fishing villages of Asturias that you should not miss. In it you can also take a cinematographic tour thanks to the different locations of films and series that are in LLanes, including the house of El Orfanato. Los Cubos de la Memoria, Agustín Ibarrola’s masterpiece, contrasts with an Old Town that will not disappoint you.

What to visit if you visit the western part of Asturias

Asturias - TaramundiVery close to Galicia we can visit Taramundi, an important center of rural tourism in Asturias where you can take interesting hiking routes such as the famous Water Route, a 14km route between absolute green and where the common thread is water.

From Taramundi we can visit other very beautiful nearby towns such as Grandas de Salime and others in the Oscos region. All these towns seem to be close but the roads are not good and you will spend a lot of time, so much so that you will hardly have any more time to visit anything else.

Without leaving nature behind, another option is to visit the Somiedo National Park, where you can spend a large part of the day and enjoy one of the places that still seem to be undiscovered on the Iberian Peninsula.

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