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Places that will arouse your curiosity in New York and surroundings

New York is one of those places that you have to visit at some point in your life, and when you do you will realize why trips to this renowned city in the United States remain in the memory. Well, there you will have the opportunity to walk among huge skyscrapers, eat the best hot dogs in the world, go to plays and enjoy an afternoon of shopping. In short you will feel like in a movie.

As we have told you on other occasions, in New York there are countless places to visit, among the essential and most popular are Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station, the Museum of Natural History, among others. However, this time we want to expand that horizon of alternatives, both for those who travel for the first time and for those who are lucky enough to return, with some places that will surely arouse your curiosity.

To move within the city you have several options, the first is to use public transport, such as buses, metro or taxi, yes, remember to be well informed of the routes you must take and the service hours. A second option in case you want to move more calmly and visit places a little far away is to rent a car, which is cheap and gives you more freedom on the trip.

Here we leave you 6 proposals to explore New York and its surroundings from another perspective, marveling at the little things that come out of the ordinary.

Spyscape Museum

Have you seen the Mission Impossible or James Bond movies? Well, in this original interactive museum you can unleash that dream of being a super spy. This space offers exhibitions of artifacts, pavilions to learn about the history of espionage, mental challenges such as riddles and physical tests where the objective is to cross a laser tunnel or attend an interrogation. Do you dare to discover if you have 007 potential?

NYC Fire Museum

This museum is dedicated to the Fire Department of the city of New York, there you will find collections of art, equipment, cars used throughout history and artifacts, there are some from the 1950s!

This place has a permanent memorial to the firefighters who died after the September 11 attacks and an educational-interactive component with which you can learn about how to act in certain situations to save a life.

Houdini Museum

For those who enjoy magic shows, are intrigued and amazed by what lies behind, a visit to this museum is almost mandatory because there are hundreds of objects that belonged to the great Harry Houdini, magician and escape artist.

There you will be able to appreciate more than 1500 pieces, among which are the Metamorphosis Trunk, the escape coffin, the outfit worn by Bess Houdini, posters of her shows and other items of interest. A unique opportunity to see first-hand objects used by Houdini himself and learn about the world of magic.

This museum is just a few steps from Madison Square Garden and is located in the headquarters of the magic item manufacturer Fantasma Magic, so getting there will be easy and you can even buy an item to take home.

Although there are many curious points within the city, there are many others that are on the outskirts. Venture out in your rental car to discover these peculiar destinations. It is an opportunity that you cannot miss.

Philadelphia’s Magic Garden

Located in the city of Philadelphia, is one of the most wonderful works of the artist Isaiah Zagar, it is a “garden” of mosaics made with recyclable elements such as ceramics, glass bottles, mirrors and even bicycle wheels. There you will feel like in a labyrinth, you will be able to go up and down stairs full of scenarios of colors, shapes and tiles; see figures, faces and messages that are spread throughout 220 murals. A perfect attraction for those who enjoy abstract art and places that take you away from what you consider “normal”.

Please Touch Museum

This museum is one of the most recommended if you go with children, as it has 8 interactive areas where children can do what they like the most at that age: touch everything that catches their attention. There they can have fun and learn through touch and action about themes of nature, science and weather. They will also be able to explore the mini city, sail on a sailboat, repair a car and enjoy simulations that are very close to reality.

This was a small appetizer of the most particular places you can visit if you plan to travel to “the city that never sleeps” on your next vacation. If you liked this post, do not hesitate to share it and tell us what other curious sites you recommend.

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