The most interesting places to see in Cádiz in one day

In every corner of Cádiz we can find something to enjoy. And although the number of places of interest is infinite, it is possible to visit Cádiz in one day and discover the best of one of the oldest cities in the world.

There is much to see in Cádiz thanks to its long history since it was founded by the Phoenicians. But the best of all is that the main places are very close, so you can walk from one place to another.

We tell you the best things to see in Cádiz in one day and the most interesting things in the city.

What to see in Cadiz

1. Holy Cross Cathedral

What to see in Cadiz - CathedralThe Cathedral of Cádiz is undoubtedly the most interesting monument in the city. From the square where it is located you can enjoy its beautiful façade with its towers, but the best views are from the promenade enjoying the contrast of the building with the sea.

The Cathedral of Cádiz was built between the 17th and 18th centuries in baroque and neoclassical styles and is worth a visit to enjoy a unique building.

Inside, its chapels and the neoclassical pavilion dedicated to the Immaculate Conception that is located in the High Altar stand out.

2. Plaza de las Flores and its surroundings

A few meters from the Cathedral, in a very commercial area with interesting restaurants where you can enjoy Cadiz cuisine, is Plaza Topete, as it is really called, which is known as Plaza de las Flores, due to the kiosks that They sell flowers that are in it.

It is a small triangular square presided over by the beautiful Post Office Building, whose main facade faces it but with another very beautiful facade that overlooks the Plaza de la Libertad, where the Mercado de Abastos is located, another of the strong points of Cádiz..

It is worth getting lost in these streets of the historic center of Cádiz until you reach the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Palma or the Church of San Antonio, one of the most beautiful in the city located in the square of the same name.

3. The Tavira Tower

Very close to the Plaza de las Flores is another of the most emblematic places in Cádiz, the interesting Torre Tavira, the old watchtower of the Port of Cádiz.

The Tavira Tower is located in a palace house and represents the highest point in the city, with 45 meters in height, being able to reach its highest point and contemplate the best views of Cádiz. Upstairs there is also a camera obscura.

The bad thing is that you have to climb a good batch of stairs although efforts are being made to install an elevator.

4. La Caleta Beach and its castles

What to visit in Cadiz - Playa CaletaAt the westernmost end of Cádiz is Playa de la Caleta, one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Spain and one of the most emblematic places in the city that inspired poets and musicians and where different films have been shot.

On both sides of the beach are the Castillo de San Sebastián, located on a small islet that can be reached with a pleasant walk, and the Castillo de Santa Catalina, respectively.

On the beach is the Balneario de la Palma y del Real, built in the 1920s and notable for the galleries that go through the sand to the sea.

5. Fail Grand Theater

what to do in cadizAnother emblematic point of Cádiz is the Gran Teatro Falla, which takes its name from one of the most illustrious citizens of Cádiz, Manuel de Falla.

The Neo-Mudejar style building was inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century after 3 decades of work and numerous problems and stands out for its red brick and its three horseshoe arch doors on the main façade. and its great hall inside.

It is famous for being the place where the Cadiz Carnival Group Contest is held with its irreverent and fun chirigotas.

6. Genoese Park

Parque Genovés is one of the corners in which you have to get lost in Cádiz. It was built at the end of the 18th century and is one of the most beautiful urban parks in Spain.

It is surrounded by the walls that surrounded Cádiz and its location by the sea and the historic center make this place a very interesting and popular enclave.

In the Genovés Park we can find numerous botanical species, as well as a pond with a waterfall, many sculptures and numerous birds.

You can find more information on the official Cádiz tourism page.

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