What to visit in the Palace of La Granja, one of the royal sites of Segovia

The P alacio de la Granja is one of the most popular and recommended visits just a few minutes from the city of Segovia, formed by an imposing and sumptuous Royal Palace in a marked Baroque Versailles style and impressive gardens, perfect for exploring and marveling at the spectacularity of its fountains.

Officially known as the Royal Site of La Granja de San Ildefonso, this spectacular monument was designed as a monarchical residence, with the aim of turning it into a hunting ground.

Although it stands out mainly for its gardens and fountains, it is recommended not to miss the interior of the Royal Palace, to get an idea of ​​the monarchical splendor of Felipe V, who in 1721 commissioned the construction of the Royal Palace.

What to see in the Palace of La Granja

Tour the interior of the Royal Palace

This high-rise palatial building houses such interesting sites as the Tapestry Museum, located in the old Casa de Damas, where a multitude of Flemish-style tapestries of impressive size are gathered, meticulously elaborated with exclusive gold, silk, silver and silver fabrics. wool.

Another area of ​​interest inside is the Royal Bedroom on the ground floor, equipped with a dressing room, oratory, dressing table and an impressive bed. The Royal Collegiate Church, the Hall of Countries, the Hercules, Victoria, Lacas and Justice Rooms are other interesting corners to visit, along with the impressive Gallery of Statues, one of the most important collections in the world, belonging in its day to Queen Christina of Sweden.

After visiting the interior of the Royal Palace of La Granja, we still have to visit its gardens, where you should go.

Discover the exterior of the Palacio de la Granja

However, the most attractive part of this complex is its impressive gardens, nestled in a natural space of great majesty and beauty.

A recommended visit to relax and enjoy while walking through the garden areas and contemplating its impressive 26 monumental fountains of a clearly mythological nature, distributed throughout 146 hectares, which take on special interest when the fountains are programmed and put into operation thanks to to a powerful hydraulic system, which allows you to enjoy a unique show to the admiration of visitors.

The most popular fountains in the area, such as those of Las Ranas, del Canastillo, La Fama, de la Carrera de Caballos, Cascada Nueva, Las Ocho Calles, or Los Baños de Diana, take their water from the impressive pond known as El Mar, in charge of to supply the necessary flow so that the jets and jets of the fountains can have sufficient pressure and reach heights of up to forty meters as is the case of the Fountain of Fame, one of the most admired.

The Sea, in addition to feeding the fountains, has areas of great interest such as an artificial cave, a fish farm or a Casa de las Góndolas, which draw the attention of visitors who come to this spectacular corner of Segovia for the first time.

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