The main places to visit in Córdoba, the city of the Mosque

One of the most beautiful cities in Andalusia and Spain, and which is also a World Heritage Site, is Córdoba, a very special destination where, in addition to the monuments and its streets, we can enjoy a great atmosphere, its streets and its gastronomy.

Visiting Córdoba in depth is one of the best experiences you can have touring Spain as it is one of the cities with the most history and one of the most impressive.

Here we are going to make a list of the main places to see in Córdoba and that you should not miss.

Routes for days in Cordoba

Although it is possible to visit Córdoba in one day and get to know its most important places, what we recommend is that you stay for several days and enjoy it in depth, even taking an excursion to one of the towns in the province.

Below you have the routes that we have prepared for you in Córdoba depending on the days you have:

And if you are traveling with the little ones, do not miss our article with the best things to see in Córdoba with children.

The main places to visit in Cordoba

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

Cordoba - MosqueWithout a doubt, the most important monument to see in Córdoba is its Mosque-Cathedral, world-renowned and one of the most impressive religious buildings in the world.

The Mosque of Córdoba was built between the 8th and 18th centuries, serving as a place of worship for both initially Muslims and later Christians, which means that both religions are represented in the temple.

Its forest of 1,300 columns and 365 bicolor arches are a true wonder that you cannot miss. Neither does his choir, in the Christian part, and the Patio de los Naranjos.

The Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Cordoba - Alcazar of the Christian MonarchsAnother of the essential places to visit in Córdoba is located a few meters from the previous one and is undoubtedly another great jewel of the city. We are talking about the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

The Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is a fortress built in the 13th century by order of King Fernando III the Saint in the same place where the Caliphate Palace was located after conquering the city.

Visiting the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos is a magnificent opportunity to travel back centuries in the history of Córdoba and a way to relax while visiting the city while strolling through its fantastic gardens.

The Synagogue and the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba

Cordoba - Jewish QuarterWe have already talked about the Muslim and Christian past of the city, but there are also other very interesting places to see in Córdoba linked to its Jewish past.

And it is that how could it be otherwise, in Córdoba there is also a Jewish quarter worth visiting, being one of the most charming neighborhoods in the city, in which it is worth getting lost in its alleys and enjoying a very special area.

In the Jewish quarter is the old Synagogue, not too big but no less interesting because it will be of great help to you to learn about the life of the Jews in the city.

The Calleja de las Flores and the Courtyards of Córdoba

In Córdoba we can find countless streets and squares that will surprise you and in which you will want to get lost, but none have the charm of the Calleja de las Flores, a small and narrow street full of flowerpots that decorate its facades.

In this area of ​​the historic center of Córdoba you can also enjoy some elements, which although it is true that they also exist in other Andalusian cities, in this one they have a very special charm. We are talking about the Courtyards of Córdoba.

The Patios of Córdoba are considered a World Heritage Site and have their maximum splendor in the Cordoban Patios Festival, which is held in May, although they are fantastic at any time of the year. Many of them are in restaurants so you can taste the great Cordoban gastronomy in a very special enclave.

Medina azahara

Outside the city center, about 10km away, is one of the most important archaeological sites in the Iberian Peninsula. We are talking about Medina Azahara, an essential visit if you are a history lover.

Medina Azahara was an ancient palatine city ordered to be built by Abderraman III, the famous Cordoban caliph, in honor of his beloved Azahara.

In Medina Azahara we can visit the ruins of what was a 10th century city bathed in luxury and sumptuousness.

You can find more information about what to see in Córdoba on the city ‘s official tourism page.

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